(Minghui.org) I started making calls on my cell phone in mid-May 2016 to tell people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, and to help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

By mid-August, I had managed to help more than 800 people quit the CCP. My xinxing has improved during this time, and I've also rediscovered my initial enthusiasm in my cultivation practice.

After reading Master’s recent Fa teaching, I and many other practitioners around me were in tears. We couldn’t help but feel sorry for having made light use of Master’s merciful salvation, for not having been truly appreciative of what Master has gone through to extend the precious time so more sentient beings can be saved, and for having let down so many people who have been waiting and longing for us to save them.

Master said:

“You once signed a contract with me when you came to this world, vowing to save those sentient beings. You could then become a Dafa disciple, and you could then do this thing. But you did not fulfill it. You did not completely fulfill your vow, and you cannot even save those beings allotted to you, those you undertook to save, behind whom are countless sentient beings and gigantic groups of beings. What is that?! Is that simply just a matter of not cultivating diligently? That is an extremely serious crime! An unparalleled crime!”

“If you are just being a good person among ordinary people and do not cultivate, you are still committing an extremely huge crime! That's because you are not saving the sentient beings that you are supposed to save!! You are not fulfilling the contract you signed in prehistory!! Isn't it such an issue?! When I taught the Fa in the past, I never used such a tone to talk to you. Master is anxious, as the end is fast approaching. But some people are not worried. What is to be done?!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

I am a veteran Dafa practitioner who obtained the Fa back in early 1996. I am 75 years old. Under Master’s care and protection, my 20 years of cultivation has gone relatively smoothly.

I believed I was doing fine in my cultivation in the past. Other practitioners also told me that I was doing well. But, now, I have to ask myself honestly, “How much of Master's teachings have I really learned? How many attachments have I truly gotten rid of? How many lives have I helped to save?

I sometimes fail to concentrate or feel drowsy while studying the Fa; I sometimes fail to hold my palm erect while sending forth righteous thoughts; and I still hang on to so many attachments. How far away I am from Master’s requirements and Dafa’s standard?

I lag far behind in terms of saving people. I remember feeling stunned when I read about two practitioners on the Minghui website. One of whom has helped 50,000 people quit the CCP in three years. The other practitioner, who is about my age, has helped more than 25,000 people quit.

I was waiting at a bus stop one day, when a middle-aged woman approached me to talk to me about Dafa. She was a practitioner, and I learned from our conversation that she usually was accompanied by another practitioner. One of them will talk, while the other sends forth righteous thoughts. They usually are able to help between 20 to 60 people quit the CCP each day.

This practitioner also has a mother in her 90’s at home and her partner has to take care of a paralyzed family member. But nothing has deterred her from going out to do what every Dafa practitioner should do.

She deeply impressed me, and felt great encouragement from the examples of these marvelous practitioners.

In mid-May, a practitioner told me that she knows another practitioner who goes out with several others to use their cell phones to make calls to let people know about Dafa and to help them quit the CCP. Each of them is able to help between 20 to 50 people quit every day.

We often proclaim that we are grateful for Master’s magnanimous saving grace and that we want to make Master happy with our diligence in cultivation. But these cannot be just empty words. We must follow them with real action and conviction. So I decided to do what others are already doing.

Someone helped me to buy a cell phone, and I began to make the calls. In three months, I came to realize that when practitioners look inward and take prompt actions, we can open up new horizons and lead more people with predestined relationships to be saved.

Getting Rid of Attachments While Making Phone Calls

1. We must overcome our attachment to fear

The first thing we have to overcome is our attachment to fear. Fear of learning something new, and lacking in confidence to do things well enough.

As long as our hearts are set on saving people, Master will give us the wisdom to help us. We will know how to approach different people, how to speak with simplicity and clarity, and how to make people feel that we are there to save them.

This is what I normally say, “How are you, my friend? It is my sincere wish that you and your family enjoy good blessings. I made this call to you to tell you something important: Heavens want all good people to enjoy safety and security. Very soon, the Heavens will bring Jiang Zemin and the Communist Party to account for their crimes. All who have sworn allegiance to the CCP and joined its organizations will be in great danger. The Heavens want to save good people like you. You can withdraw from the Party using either your real name or a pseudonym. There is no need to tell anybody, and Heaven will protect you from danger. It’s that simple. I want to help you quit the CCP so that you can be safe.”

Of course, to be able to talk well, we must study the Fa well. We also need to read Dafa related materials, and learn from each others’ knowledge and experiences.

In the three months of making phone calls, I have not run into any issues that I can't resolve, or question that I can't answer. Master is constantly giving me wisdom and is always by my side.

Toward the end of May, a young man asked me several thought provoking questions over the phone.

He asked me: “Why does your Master stay away from China? Are you sure Dafa practitioners don’t care about money? Can you swear that they never tell lies? What is the connection between Buddhism and Falun Gong?”

My reply was, “Our Master doesn’t get involved with politics and is not interested in taking over anybody’s power. Our Master’s only intent is to bring this most virtuous Dafa to the world; not only to the Chinese, but for all people. Now, over 100 countries and regions have embraced Dafa, and many governments are supportive of the practice. Dafa practitioners in China all miss our Master, but our Master belongs to the world’s people. And as practitioners, we definitely don’t want him to return to China when the CCP continues to persecute us.”

With regards to the issue of money, I answered, “People need money to live, and Dafa practitioners are no exception. The only thing is, we must earn our money but with legitimate and morally upright means. We can have wealth and can even enjoy it, but we're not attached to it. Practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. We are all good people, only trying to be better. We will only speak the truth because Dafa requires us to be honest.”

I also mentioned the relationship between Dafa and Buddhism, and a few other topics.

The young man was very touched, and said emotionally, “I also want to practice Falun Dafa. Please forward my greetings to your Master.”

His sincere words moved me to tears.

2. Not being affected by how people react

Chinese people have been deeply influenced by Party culture, resulting in a general decline in social morality. As the majority of people have received so many telephone calls and emails trying to scam them, they have become suspicious of strangers and unsolicited calls, and tend to hang up or refuse to listen to us.

I remember my frustration and disappointment after the first two hours of making phone calls. I had been yelled at more than once, and only managed to help two people quit the CCP.

I looked inward and found that I had attachments to fear and anxiety. I was afraid I would fail in my attempts to tell people about Dafa and help them quit the CCP. I also worried that I may lose face in front of other practitioners.

I adjusted my thinking, and thought positively. It's still two people saved, so I’ll just keep going at it. As it turned out, I helped nine people quit the following hour.

I realized that we should just do what we need to do and not look for results.

3. We should not worry about being yelled at

I'm sure that most Chinese practitioners have all been yelled at in our attempts to tell other Chinese about Falun Dafa. It’s because our traditional culture of civility and courtesy has been so thoroughly damaged by the CCP, in that, propriety, and even common decency, have been thrown out the window.

Poor manners have inundated the entire Chinese society in all social strata, so that all resort to using bad language. Sometimes it breaks my heart listening to them degrading themselves.

If we allow ourselves to be affected by their vulgarity, we will find it hard to want to save them. If we entertain resentment towards them, we will fall into the trap set up by the old forces because the old forces don't want these people to be saved.

I have diligently followed Master’s expectation of Dafa practitioners for the past three months - to be genuinely forbearing and compassionate. When people curse at me and threaten me, I continued to maintain my composure and I always talk kindly to them, and sincerely wish them well.

I am hearing less and less curses and threats as time passes. The number of people who listen to me and quit the Party has also started to increase.

I came to understand that, through practitioners’ diligence and persistence in letting people know about Dafa and the persecution, people are really waiting for us to save them.

Many a time when I make a phone call, within seconds, the person on the other end of the line is wanting to quit the CCP. Among them are workers, farmers, Party secretaries, police and many long-time Party members. One time, among the 12 people who quit, five of them were loyal Party members.

I once called a young woman in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. She told me that she had just become a Party member. When I recommended that she withdraw from the Party, she refused and said that she would like to give me a lesson about the Party.

I smiled, and thought to myself, “She's so much like me when I was her age. So young and naïve. I must help her understand the truth.”

When I told her about the atrocity that happened in the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp where 18 female practitioners were stripped naked and thrown into the male cell to be gang raped, she was shocked.

I asked her, “Will you still love the Party that can do this kind of thing? Do you still want to be a part of it?” I told her, “Quit the Party promptly. I’ll give you a fake name…”

“No!” she replied, “I’ll use my real name.”

I have generally been able to take the curses and threats in my stride. Except on one occasion when my heart was sorely affected.

That day, I was talking to a man on the phone, who sounded middle-aged. He requested that I speak properly. I told him that I am over 70 years old and it is very hard to correct my accent at this advanced age. However, I promised to speak slowly.

He made me repeat everything I said over and over. When I finally finished talking, I realized that he had been playing with me all along.

I am almost 80 years old but have been played like a monkey and didn’t even realize it. My mind went blank and had a sour taste in my mouth. I felt utterly humiliated.

When I calmed down, I remembered Master’s Fa and the story about Han Xin in Zhuan Falun. I discovered that I have the attachments to being wronged and losing face.

I came to understand that it’s time for me to expand my capacity of forbearance. I thanked my unknown benefactor, who had unwittingly helped me come to this new realization.

Blazing My Own Trail While Making Phone Calls

Although it is a mere three months that I have been making the phone calls, I have learned a few useful lessons in the process.

1. Never forgetting to show respect and gratitude to Master and Dafa.

It may seem that we are doing the work, but in other dimensions, it is really Master doing everything. This has led me to be intimately aware that Master is always by my side.

It was raining heavily one day in August 2016. I said to myself, “That’s it for today. I won’t be able to go out to make phone calls in this kind of weather.”

The rain stopped at around noon, and I said to Master in my heart, “The rain has finally let up. I must grasp this window of opportunity to go out and make calls to save people. I’ll do whatever I can. Please strengthen me.”

I put on my rain boots, picked up my cell phone and umbrella, and went out to make my calls. It was still overcast, and looked as if it would pour down again at any moment.

However, the rain never came. Instead, the lull caused by the cessation of rain had created a scarcity of cars and people, reducing the noise level to a minimum, greatly enhancing my ease of talking over the phone.

I made use of this precious opportunity to make as many calls as I possibly could. I was able to help 12 people quit the Party in the space of two hours.

When I almost arrived back home, the rain started again and ended up in torrents. Those two hours were a gift from Master.

From then on, every time I go out to make calls, I look at Master’s portrait to say good-bye and ask for his protection. When I return, I stop in front of Master again to give my report of what I have accomplished.

2. Giving people who quit the Party proper accolades

I believe that the day a person decides to quit the Party is the first day of his new life, because he is saved and all the sentient beings he represents are also saved. What a wonderful thing it is, even though the person is unaware of it!

In order to let them know what a marvelous decision they have made, I often say to each of them, “From this day on, you are entering into a beautiful future. I congratulate you that your precious life has its deserved protection. I hope you will help your family and loved ones to do the same. Remember Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! It is Dafa’s Master who saved you!”

3. Be good to all sentient beings and be one with the environment

I went to make my calls by the side of a river towards the end of May. As I walked through some trees and bushes to reach the river, a swarm of insects came into my face, some of them were even biting me.

I picked up a small fallen branch and waved it in front of my face to drive them away. As soon as I stopped, they came rushing back. I remembered that Master told us that we should treat all living beings with compassion.

I said to the insects, “My little friends, I came here today to make phone calls to save the world’s people. Please don’t disturb me. Remember Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! You will also have a good future if you leave me alone.”

From then on, I communicate with every blade of grass, every flower, tree and bush, all the animals and plants, mountains, hills and water. I want to bring the beauty and goodness of Falun Dafa to sentient beings and every living thing.

If anything I have written is not in line with the Fa, please point it out to me.