(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa practitioners, it is important to remember that we always have Master’s protection. When faced with trials and tribulations, keeping this thought in mind can make the difference between life and death. I will elaborate based on my own personal experience.

My husband was hospitalized after having a second stroke. The second was much more severe than the first. He could not sit up or even roll over in bed when he got home from the hospital so eating, drinking, and relieving himself were all done in bed.

None of our children live nearby so I was on my own taking care of him. It was full time and it was exhausting. I constantly lacked sleep and felt overwhelmed.

It was especially difficult during the night. He was either thirsty, needed to urinate, or turn over. I could barely get any sleep. Sometimes I was so tired I fell asleep in the middle of helping him roll over.

Every day was an extreme challenge for me. To make matters worse, he did not cooperate with me when I was helping him. It was very difficult to move him around.

During that period, all kinds of complaints, anger, worry, frustration and despair occupied my heart. I couldn’t keep up with Fa study, doing the exercises, or even improving my xinxing. Finally, after two consecutive days and nights with almost no sleep, I collapsed on my bed.

In a state of severe fatigue, I felt dizzy, saw stars, and felt my heart racing abnormally. I realized that the evil forces had broken in!

I saw in another dimension a plate with a dime-sized hole in the middle of it. Between the hole and rim of the plate, there were three hexagonal indentations like little pits. There were sapphire-like jewels jumping up and down in two of them.

My heart thumped every time they jumped. I tried to stay calm but wasn’t really able to. Then the third sapphire appeared and my heart started racing very fast. I realized something was trying to take my life away!

I heard a voice say, “When all the pits are filled with jewels, you will die.” I thought to myself, “Fine, just take my life away, I’ve had enough.” Then I thought, “No, I am a Dafa disciple, you can’t touch me!”

I cried out from the depths of my heart, “Master, save me! Master, save me! I want to go home with you!” I don’t know how many times I cried out before the plate finally disappeared. As soon as it was gone, I got up sweating from head-to-toe. I cried out, “Thank you Master, you saved me!”

My attitude of resentment and anger during the trial of taking care of my husband nearly killed me. I learned that for a practitioner, every thought is just so important.

Through this tribulation, I learned that I need to cultivate my xinxing all the time rather than only when problems come up. In the face of tribulations, I need to stay calm and remember that I am a Falun Dafa disciple. I need to use the Fa to rectify my behavior and ask Master for help when needed.

In addition, I learned that practitioners should always help their fellow cultivators when they are in trouble. This will prevent the evil forces from having a chance to attack them.

I couldn’t have made it through this tribulation without the help and support of my fellow practitioners. They sent righteous thoughts for me, helped me to improve my character, and shared their positive energy and warmth. They also came to my home to study the Fa and discuss their understandings with me.

Now that my xinxing and attitude have improved, my husband feels much better. He can even come downstairs with my help. But more importantly, I can leave him by himself while I go out and clarity the truth.

Thank you Master for your compassion. Thank you fellow practitioners for your help.