(Minghui.org) Rockefeller Center is like a small city itself in New York. About 250,000 people pass through it every day and it is considered a must-see tourist spot for Chinese.

As such, Falun Gong practitioners formed a team to clarify the truth to Chinese tourists in this area with Master’s Fa in their hearts.

Master told us:

“I think that at the tourist sites, you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

Clarifying the Truth to the Core

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda and slander of Falun Gong has caused many Chinese to mistrust practitioners. Chinese tour guides also spread misinformation about Falun Gong and urge their customers to avoid practitioners.

Practitioners still greet them with smiles, give them directions, offer advice, and chat with them about the gap between China and America in various areas such as human rights and freedom of faith.

One practitioner mentioned that the biggest problem in China now is that there is no righteous faith. There used to be people practicing qigong, but soon it became suppressed. A Chinese man who was listening then asked if Falun Gong belonged to qigong or not.

This practitioner provided some general information about Falun Gong, being sure to mention the guiding principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She further explained that since practitioners became healthy by following these principles and doing the exercises, it has become very popular around the world.

Three Chinese students appeared. Practitioners greeted them and told them about the human rights, democracy, brotherly love, and freedom that exists in the United States. They also told them about how widespread and accepted Falun Gong is in America, and how practitioners have held large parades consisting of many thousands of participants.

The practitioners also mentioned how the CCP promulgates endless propaganda against Falun Gong. “The CCP spreads things about practitioners committing suicide and self-immolations. They are all false,” a practitioner said. “The CCP is not China. What’s more, the Party has killed 80 million Chinese through its continual campaigns, destroying Chinese traditions along the way. Now it is persecuting Falun Gong and even harvesting human organs for profit.”

“And the CCP definitely wants your membership,” the practitioner said. ”Have you joined the Youth league or the Young pioneers?”

One student responded that they had all joined the Young Pioneers, but all three decided to renounce their vows.

Gift from a Shanghai Tourist

Two tired Shanghai tourists rested on a chair while two elderly Falun Gong practitioners from China energetically walked over to introduce themselves. They had a cheerful conversation.

The Shanghai tourists were amazed that these elderly people could travel to America by themselves. They asked many questions about traveling on one’s own, solving the language problem, and medical preparations.

One of the practitioners said he had not taken any medicine for 21 years, thanks to his practice. He told them how Falun Gong enables practitioners to have healthy bodies and how the persecution was launched by the CCP. After he finished talking, he gave them a pen with “Falun Gong” written on it.

One of the tourists happily accepted. He said he would take it home and keep it forever. He also gave one of his own pens to that practitioner as a souvenir. He said he would like the pen to be used only for writing things about Falun Gong.

Powerful Righteous Thoughts Subdue Evil

Our clarifying the truth is also a process of cultivation. Achieving good results is directly connected with Fa-study, performing the exercises, and sending righteous thoughts.

Master said:

“It is necessary for a Dafa disciple to ensure his cultivation on a daily basis, and it is the mission of a Dafa disciple to clarify the facts and save people. You cannot go without either of these as you journey toward consummation.” (“A Reminder”)

An elderly female practitioner was walking toward a group of Chinese tourists who were waiting for their bus. One woman pointed at her and told the other tourists something. Then all of them moved away from the practitioner.

A male practitioner walked up to that woman and starting a conversation with her. “You shouldn't spread gossip,” he said. “She is doing good deeds.”

The woman became quiet.

Then the elderly practitioner spoke to the tourists. One tourist told the others that she knew some Falun Gong practitioners who had been persecuted. The tourist group wished the practitioner success.

One tour guide for students was very mean to an elderly practitioner. Under his negative influence, three students also treated this practitioner very badly. Another Chinese tourist poured hot water on her foot. A middle-school student abused her by calling her a “traitor selling out her own country,” and “Say what you want, but don't say anything bad about the CCP.”

The elderly practitioner did not get angry. She kept talking to the tourists from a different angle. Gradually, the students changed their attitudes. One of them did the withdrawals and many of them waved to the practitioner before they got on the bus.

Once, a student waiting for his tour bus threw his jacket away because it got bird droppings on it. A practitioner picked it up, cleaned it off, and put it into a plastic bag. She gave it back to the student and clarified the truth to him. The entirety of the tourist group quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.