(Minghui.org) I had been practicing Falun Dafa for many years when I was suddenly diagnosed with “acute cancer.” From beginning to end, this experience was quite miraculous.

One winter evening a few years ago, I received a phone call from an old friend. As soon as I picked up the phone I felt sick and needed to use the bathroom. I asked my friend to call me later, and I rushed to the bathroom.

My belly was swollen and I began vomiting. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that both my head and face were also swollen.

I left the bathroom, wondering why I had changed so dramatically in a few minutes. My friend called back, but I was in a lot of pain and didn't have the strength to speak.

My son saw my condition and took me to a nearby hospital. The doctor did an ultrasound. He said that my belly was filled up, but it was too late for the ultrasound to detect what it was.

I wondered what could be filling my belly. I told the doctor that I was very healthy, and that this had happened within a few minutes. The doctor also felt it was strange. He had never seen this symptom, and it progressed so quickly.

My son asked the doctor what to do next. He suggested a CT scan.

The doctor said, “You came too late. The results are clear. You can see for yourself. It looks like your mom is in the final stage.” My younger son began to cry.

I felt it was all very strange. I had been cultivating for so many years, and have been very healthy. How could I possibly have stage four cancer? As a matter of fact, all my sickness and discomfort, including chronic illness had disappeared after I began practicing Falun Dafa.

It was impossible that this was cancer. I told them that it was just an illusion, that there was nothing wrong.

The doctor said to me the next morning, “We usually do some preparation work before surgery, but we have no time. We must operate now. If the cancer spreads, we will have to seal it quickly. We also need to communicate with your family about this surgery. It's unfortunate you came so late!”

I had an unrighteous thought: Since I was having constipation, I thought it might be causing the swelling. So I agreed to the surgery. I was, however, accepting that I was indeed sick, and that the operation would remedy the constipation. I wasn't treating myself as a practitioner and I ended up having the surgery.

The doctor began to operate right away. The surgery lasted for 30 minutes, and the doctor removed a cyst. My older son was very surprised. He didn't believe that the cause of the swelling was only a cyst and not what the CT scan showed.

I was unconscious for eight hours after the operation without any sign of regaining consciousness. The doctor was wondering why I wasn't waking up from the anesthesia. It was not normal for a patient to remain unconscious for so long.

During that time, I felt my main consciousness leave my body. I saw a senior practitioner who used to work with me in doing the three things. She had already passed away. She was walking in front of me. I followed her, curious to see where she was going.

But she was not happy to see me following her. She kept glaring at me. I didn't get it. She was a nice lady, why was she being like this?

I followed her to a big room with a threshold at the entry. Many people were sitting inside, each holding a copy of Zhuan Falun. She went into the room and sat down, looking unhappy.

At that time, a middle-aged man stood up and said to me, “Since you are here, please come in. We can study together.”

Since he was so polite, I thought I might as well go in. I started to put my right foot over the threshold. Then I thought, “Teacher is still in the human world. The Fa-rectification hasn't ended yet. Why am I here?”

I quickly pulled my foot back and turned around.

People at the hospital were calling my name and patting my face. I opened my eyes and woke up. I was very clear that my main consciousness had gone away. It was so dangerous! If I had stepped across that threshold, my flesh body may have died, and I would not have been able to come back.

The doctor told me that the diagnosis was incorrect. They had remove a cyst, and found no cancer. Nonetheless, he wanted to keep me for a few days.

I soon developed a fever, and the doctor prescribed some medicine. One of my children asked the doctor, “The surgery showed that she doesn't have cancer. Why do you need to use cancer medication to treat her?”

He said that though it was not cancer, there were some other unknown phenomena.

I realized that there was a negative spirit meddling around and persecuting my body.

I told the doctor, “I know what it is. Thank you.” I told my children to accept the medications.

After the doctor left, I told them, “Since this is a meddling spirit, ordinary people's medicine won’t heal me. This is not an illness. I won't take this medication.”

I realized that cultivators do not have illnesses. It must have been targeting my shortcomings in cultivation. I knew that I should quickly look within and rectify myself.

When the nurse came to check my temperature, I asked her to leave the thermometer with me and I would bring it over after I finished. Then I told my child to return it to the nurse five minutes later.

I didn't have any illness. What was the point of measuring my temperature? It was caused by a meddling spirit. Such symptoms should not exist.

I told the spirit that caused my fever to stop messing with me. “Don't bother raising my temperature,” I said. “It's useless! I know that I didn't do well in some regards, and you took advantage of that to persecute my body. But I am a practitioner, and I have my Teacher to guide me. Though there are things that I haven't done well, I will follow Teacher's Fa to rectify myself. You should never persecute me. You should leave my space. If you continue to meddle with me, I'll have an even higher temperature than yours, to burn you.”

I asked my children to help me get up to do the Falun Dafa exercises. It was difficult to stand because I had tubes in my body. So I leaned on a cabinet and finished the first and third exercises. My hospital gown was soaked with sweat.

When I could no longer stand up, I had my child help me back into bed. On the third day, the doctor came to see me. He asked how I was feeling and if I still had a high temperature. I said and I was doing well and had no fever. In fact, my fever went away half an hour after I did the exercises.

On day four, I thought that I should no longer be at the hospital, nor in bed. Since this was not an illness, I should go home. But how could I manage to get discharged so soon after a major surgery?

That night, I saw a clear scene: The sky was full of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. There was no space that was vacant. So many of them were watching me. They were observing how I was behaving at the hospital, whether I realized that I didn't have the illness, and if I could use Teacher's Fa principles to face this illusion.

I remembered that Master told us how Buddhas and Gods are closely watching practitioners' every thoughts and actions. They do not want to miss anything.

The Gods and Buddhas saw that I had realized that I was a practitioner and had enlightened on the Fa principles to rectify myself, so they gradually disappeared. However, Buddhas, Daos, and Gods in one area were still there, staring at me. Then one God was knocked down from that block of sky. I suddenly realized that this was the God who was persecuting my body.

I saw that he was falling down one level after another. Every time he dropped a level, his clothes and appearance changed. When he fell to the human dimension, his hair became very short and his clothes changed to a blue worker's uniform.

After he came down, he looked at me in a resentful way. I stared back at him and said in my mind, “I knew that you were the old forces. I also knew that you were persecuting my body. That's why you fell. I'm not afraid of you. I have Master behind me.”

I finally understood. I hadn't done well with my cultivation, so the old forces took advantage of my loopholes. I was dedicated to my work and slacked off in cultivation. I wasn't putting my heart into studying the Fa and did only minimal exercises. When I was detained at a brainwashing center, I didn't do well either. That's how this persecution was able to occur.

Things happen for a reason. Even so, as a Dafa disciple, one has a path arranged by Teacher. Persecuting a Dafa disciple in any way is a huge crime.

On the fifth day at the hospital, I thought, “I must go home today.” I told the doctor that I'd feel more comfortable at home. He said that it was too early to send me home.

A nurse in training then asked who wanted to get their stitches out. I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to get discharged from the hospital. So she removed my stitches.

I then asked my husband to talk to the doctor about going home. The doctor checked on me. Though he was a bit surprised, he said that I was doing well and released me. Since then, I have been doing well.

From being admitted to the hospital to being discharged, I was impressed by this phenomenon: When facing an acute symptom, I was thinking with an ordinary person's mind. The illness manifested, and I ended up having an unnecessary operation.

When I began treating myself as a true cultivator and following a practitioner's standard, I was healed without treatment.

A practitioner is totally different from an ordinary person. One who consistently holds himself to a practitioner's standard will not have such an illusion.