(Minghui.org) Through cultivation practice in Falun Dafa, we should be able to achieve a state where our “true self” can manifest. Our true self does not have human notions. Existing on a more microscopic level, the true self is usually not perceivable by human beings and thus manifests as calmness. When we can really calm our minds, our true self will be able to guide us. Because it has met the requirements of the Fa at various levels, it can be very powerful.

Looking from a more microscopic dimension, all the elements of matter at this surface level contain a great deal of karma. When someone thinks about something, it stirs up these surface-level elements, which are contaminated with karma. As soon as we think, karma is created. The thoughts we create carry our image and our messages, and regardless of where these thoughts travel, in the end they will return to our own bodies. Furthermore, what we see or hear in the human dimension, from the perspective of the more microscopic level, all contain karma.

Cultivation practice in ancient times required not thinking about anything, maintaining a peaceful state of mind and practicing non-action, which helped cultivators extricate themselves from the surface-level karma and not be contaminated and restricted by it. But because Dafa cultivation requires us to save sentient beings, while we are fulfilling our vows, we must constantly cleanse ourselves through studying the Fa and actively cultivating our hearts.