(Minghui.org) It began with a regular sickness tribulation. Being a practitioner all my life, I didn’t worry about it and continued going to classes and following my daily routine as usual. I noticed that the sickness tribulation lasted much longer than usual, around a week. After the sickness passed, I found that I had become weaker.

My period came the next day, but my body was too weak to handle the stress of it. I went to my classes as usual and managed to get through the day, but found myself terribly weak. That night, I went back to my apartment, still very weak with an acute pain in my right ovary.

I vomited twice that night and spent the entire night in bed. The pain in my right ovary was not constant, but it would come and go at random times, very frequently. I spent the whole weekend in pain, lying in bed and feeling painful contractions in my ovary. The blood flow was very light, but the pain was extreme. I then began having diarrhea.

A friend who is not a practitioner kept trying to convince me to take medication or go to the hospital, but I declined. However, as the condition got worse and I was in pain longer, I doubted myself and considered going to the hospital.

Over the weekend, my parents took me home and sent forth righteous thoughts, read the Fa, and did the exercises with me. I was so weak that I was unable to do the first exercise without almost fainting.

My family gathered around, concerned, and asked me what my mindset was. They were wondering if I was approaching this problem as a practitioner or as a regular person. It was hard for me to say, because after being in so much pain, I felt that there was no one watching over me any longer. I started to doubt if I was a practitioner.

I told them I wanted to handle it as a practitioner. They told me to have righteous thoughts and to face the demons head on. I forced myself to do all five exercises with my parents and found that I was able to. The pain in my ovary did not subside and I was still seized with pain every few minutes. I noticed that the area was getting very tense, and it felt like there was a dense substance inside me.

I tried to go to class as usual that week, but my clothing aggravated the pain. However, I had more righteous thoughts and continued to do the exercises every day on my own. I noticed that the spot began to swell but hurt less. I had no stamina by this point, and a few hours of moving or going to class took all the energy out of me.

I tried to increase my righteous thoughts, listened to the Fa, and every night before I went to sleep, I would think of my attachments and the root of the problem. I saw my attachment to money, to school, to my future. Every night, I had nightmares that involved stress and failure, two of my major attachments.

Though my ovary was swollen, the pain started to go away, and it was not as tender. I understood that, as long as I wanted to be a practitioner and I strived to act as a practitioner, then I was a practitioner. I understood that Master was watching over me and that I was not alone.

The swelling began to subside and I started to feel my strength return. I felt a strong will to live and to be a good practitioner—to live up to my vows and to help Master to the end.