(Minghui.org) I have cultivated Falun Gong in the harsh environment of mainland China for 20 years. I have felt Master’s merciful protection and fellow practitioners’ selfless support which warmed my heart, encouraging me to stay on my cultivation path and pass through many tribulations. In return, I helped other practitioners when they faced difficulty. The following is my story.

Bringing Husband Practitioner Back

There was a local practitioner whose husband avoided other Falun Gong practitioners after he was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The wife was very firm with her belief. She worried about her husband and did not know how to convince him to come back to Falun Gong.

Another practitioner and I went to their home. The husband had gone out to the suburb for a picnic by the time we arrived, but his wife had a lot to say. She said she grew up in the countryside and suffered a lot. She told us that she would cultivate Falun Gong until consummation no matter how many hardships she faced or how much suffering she had to bear because she simply had to go out to save sentient beings. Since the human world was so painful, she did not want to return, she explained.

She appreciated our suggestions and said that she worried about her husband but never thought deeply about solving the problem within herself or improving her relationship with her husband. Now she realized that she needed to truly help him through her kindness.

Her husband came home early.

We chatted with him about his hobbies, then eventually led our conversation to the present situation with Falun Gong. He showed his respect for Master and he gradually opened his heart to accept our suggestions for helping him resume cultivation. He walked quite a way with us on our way home. He did not say much but we could feel his appreciation.

Practitioners with Family Problems

A practitioner was caught up in her family tribulations, which interfered with her cultivation. She gradually treated herself like an everyday person and fell behind during this Fa-rectification period. She could not see many of her attachments or look within to find the cause of her troubles.

Several fellow practitioners and I chatted with her. We found the key points which caused her family tribulations and gave her advice. She realized that she hardly ever communicated with fellow practitioners. If she could listen to other’s experiences and advice, she would be able to manage her conflicts better. She felt that the environment for Dafa disciples to help each other was great.

A new practitioner had severe interference due to lacking a group Fa-study environment. I learned about her situation by chance and had an opportunity to meet her.

I studied the Fa with her and we chatted afterwards. I told her that I understood her situation and that what happened to her was no accident. The old forces planned to stop her from practicing Falun Gong. She also shared her understandings with me. She became firmer in her belief and knew how to better manage her time between family and cultivation.

Continually helping fellow practitioners consumed a lot of my time, but I felt happy and solid in my cultivation. In the following days after helping my fellow practitioners, I easily handed out over 500 Falun Gong CDs with Master’s protection.

I treasure my relationship with fellow practitioners.

Thank you, Master! Heshi!