(Minghui.org) As an ordinary person I never got headaches, let alone a migraine. I did experience a bout of headaches when I just started to cultivate and attributed it to karma elimination. They were usually short lived.

This year, especially during the summer, I developed a persistent migraine. I tried to ignore it, eliminate it with righteous thoughts, and just forbear it. I did not know what was causing it. I even thought that it was caused by the heat of the summer and an illusion was created where my headache would subside when I turned on an air conditioner. Then I reminded myself that Master said that practitioners are not moved by either heat or cold, so how could that be possible?

I searched for articles on the Minghui website about similar issues and found very few, but I was still not clear about the cause. I did get an idea from those articles that perhaps the headaches were related to excessive use of the computer, and absorbing too much ordinary people's information.

For many years I used the computer to clarify the truth to people. I would search for people online to clarify the truth to or post messages under youtube videos or write articles. There are all kinds of things on the Internet, and without paying attention, I probably absorbed a lot of bad substances.

I decided to quit using the computer altogether. At first it was not easy. I was still drawn to turn it on and watch a few videos a day or visit a social media site. I noticed that, when I was doing that, my headaches returned.

Now I use the computer mainly to download articles from the Minghui website and for short interactions with family members. I try not to spend too much time on the computer and give up related attachments. I focus on other truth clarifying activities. I try to interact with people in person more. My headaches have disappeared completely.

I am writing this sharing in order to help other practitioners who may be experiencing similar problems.

Category: Improving Oneself