(Minghui.org) About 100 Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Paris on October 2, 2016, for a conference to exchange their experiences over the past ten years.

Band coordinator Felix recalled the first performance in Paris ten years ago. Fifteen practitioners then discussed their understandings and improvement throughout these years.

About 100 Falun Gong practitioners shared on October 2, 2016, about their experiences as members of the Tian Guo Marching Band.

Having a Pure Heart

Lorenz, a new member, talked about his thoughts after joining the band. At first, he wanted to learn ten music pieces in a short time. He later realized that thought was inappropriate. “After all, like many practitioners, I come here to save people. It is not to show how capable and smart I am.”

He subsequently focused on playing each musical piece well, and with a pure heart, and things went smoothly.

Overcoming Physical Tribulation

Maya found that her music skills were not good enough to meet the requirement. Therefore, she planned to find a private tutor. But as soon as she had that idea, she had severe joint pain which later spread to her entire body. Nonetheless Maya did not give up because she knew the importance of the band and its upcoming tour.

As she and other band members traveled from country to country, several Chinese practitioners who stayed with her sent forth righteous thoughts for her. In the end, her headaches and joint pain disappeared. She recalled, “This helped me understand the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts.”

Maya is also grateful to Master for this opportunity of tour performance because she had learned a lot from young practitioners. She said, “No matter how long the trip was, and whether it was raining or sweltering hot, some practitioners always had smiles on their faces. I was deeply touched.”

Go Where Help is Needed the Most

Shiwen, another new member of the band, took some time to learn the basic skills. Upon being asked what music instrument she wanted to play, she asked the coordinator to be assigned to what was needed the most. As a result, she became a snare drummer.

With little background in playing the snare drum, Shiwen asked another snare drummer why she chose that musical instrument. Her answer was the same, “I did not choose the instrument—I just went where help was most needed.” These words made Shiwen look within and she was able to focus on improving her skills from then on.

Treating Others with Compassion

In addition to music skills, Xing said she learned a lot from the tour performance. Once during a cultural festival in Warsaw, Poland, she felt annoyed by the group ahead of them, with many group members rocking topless with loud music. Seeing no event staff members around, she slowed down hoping to stay away from that group. However, one event coordinator showed up and told her to catch up with the other group.

Xing then remembered Master's words in “On the Waves Stirred Up by the Article About the Assistant Spirit,”

“In a chaotic world with degenerate principles, Dafa disciples are compassionately saving sentient beings...”

“With any interference, do not get stuck in the particular situation and allow yourselves to be disturbed; only then can you make it through and your mighty virtue will be even greater.”

Her mind immediately filled with compassion, “The loud noise faded away, and I was no longer bothered by it. When I changed, I saw some people in that group turning back, looking at us, and listening to the melodies from our band.”

Letting Go of Attachments

Several practitioners talked about how they identified human notions while learning or playing music in the band, including zealotry, fear, and the attachment to comfort.

The conference concluded at 11:00 p.m., and many practitioners said they learned a lot from the event. “We will do better and become more diligent in our cultivation practice,” said one practitioner.