(Minghui.org) I was 40 when I came down with a slipped disc. I was confined to a flat bed and was tormented by constant pain. I could not move my back a single inch or lift a glass of water. As I stared at the clock, I wondered if this was the purpose of human life – to simply stagnate while time and youth faded away? Was there no other way to live? I had so many questions and yet no answers.

Just when I had recovered enough to get out of bed, I began passing large amounts of mucus, blood, and flesh. I lost a lot of weight. The doctors at the hospital suspected I had colon cancer, and wanted to do a colonoscopy [to look at the interior lining of the large intestine] to confirm the diagnosis.

Faced with two conditions, I lost hope and declined any further treatment. My hopelessness transformed into numbness, and then to calmness, an eerie calmness, as I waited. At one point I said to my husband, “If I die, do you know what my last words will be? 'I have let myself down, because I have not found the meaning of life.'”

Body Cleansed

During this time of despair, I was introduced to Falun Gong. Taking someone's well-meaning recommendation, I attended a video screening of Master Li Hongzhi's [the founder of Falun Gong] nine-day lecture series. I was half asleep as I watched and didn't really understand what he said, but miracles started to happen. My left leg, which was swollen, began to feel cool. My lower spine, where about five vertebrae were affected by the lumbar disc protrusion, also began experiencing a strong, cool current.

The practitioners were excited and one of them commented that I must have a strong predestined relationship, because despite this being my first time hearing Master Li's lectures, he had already begun to adjust my body. I asked, “Where is Master Li?” “That's him in the video, giving the lecture!” someone replied. “But how can a video adjust my body?” I asked. “This is not something that can be explained with a few sentences,” someone said. Everyone encouraged me to continue to come watch the lectures.

So, brimming with curiosity, I continued to attend the video lectures. On the third day, my gastrointestinal tract began passing a lot of gas – belching from the top, and passing gas from below. This reached a peak on the fifth day – my stomach was rumbling like a boiling pot, and I was passing less and less blood and mucus. By the seventh day, I no longer had any abdominal pain. And by the eighth day my stomach and intestinal symptoms were completely gone. Moreover, after completing the nine days of lectures, my leg swelling was gone, and my back pain was much better. I could keep my back straighter while walking.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

When I went to the hospital for further tests, the results came back completely normal. The doctors were dumbfounded. They asked me how I could be cured in a few days. It was nothing short of a miracle. My symptoms had completely disappeared after watching the nine Falun Gong lectures--and without any treatments.

A few days later, with thoughts of completely curing my back pain, I attended another video screening of Master Li's lectures at a local auditorium. When the lights went off and the lecture began, I felt something rising up from my stomach and filling my cheeks. I could not swallow it back down and threw up on the floor. This was followed by another surge. I threw up mouthful after mouthful for an hour and a half. When the lecture ended and the lights came on, I found a large pool of white foam on the ground. This happened again on the second day, and on the third day.

For many years I had suffered breathlessness and chest tightness, as if I never could get enough air into my lungs. I had tried all kinds of vile-smelling traditional Chinese medicine concoctions, but they did nothing to improve my breathing problems. After the three days of vomiting, I could expand my lungs fully again.

That day we had a light dusting of snow, and as I inhaled deep lungfuls of crisp, clean air, I realized that I had not experienced such a wonderful feeling for a very long time. In addition, I had suffered from cold hands and feet, but after my lung function recovered, I no longer had those problems.

Neither Joke nor Myth, But Profound Great Law

After experiencing such huge and miraculous changes to my body, I was completely stupefied. If I had learned about these experiences secondhand, I would have considered it all a joke and a myth. But I had definitely experienced them. How and why was this possible? I could not explain it. Moreover, every one of the Falun Gong practitioners around me had their own experiences and changes, all of which were equally wonderful, rapid, and extraordinary.

Indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) doctrine of atheism, I had no concept of gods. The only logical thing to do was to start reading Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. After reading it, I realized that this was a profound and extraordinary Great Law, a Law that could guide one in cultivation, a Heavenly Law that could help beings reach consummation.

Early Lessons in Cultivation

Following my doctor's advice, I did daily exercises to relieve my back pain. One day I was again kneeling on the bed doing the exercises, when I felt something in my lower abdomen push me upright. I then felt and heard it knock loudly three times. I was surprised and wondered what was going on.

At the group Fa study, I recounted the experience and asked if I had obstructed the Falun's spinning when I was bending over. Everyone burst out laughing. I then learned that the Falun placed by Master Li is in another dimension and cannot be obstructed. Master Li was pointing out to me that now that I was cultivating and no longer had any health problems, there was no need to do those daily exercises. My enlightenment quality was so poor!

Cultivation Not for Healing Illnesses

When I was finally able to sit, I began to do the meditation exercise. I remember very clearly that one night during meditation I felt a warm current flow from my head downwards. It felt very good. But when the warm current reached my lower back, it disappeared. I was surprised.

In Zhuan Falun, it says that the current will “...go through the whole body.” (The Eighth Talk)

Why did it disappear? Then I realized that I had wanted the warm current to go to my disc protrusion and stop my back from hurting. I was still thinking of curing my illness! Zhuan Falun guides people in cultivation. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance guides lives to higher levels.

When I meditated again the next day, I felt the warm current going through my body from the top of my head. As I silently appreciated Master Li cleansing my body, in a snap my back stopped hurting. That was 20 years ago.

Even during the persecution, when I was imprisoned in a labor camp and made to dig mud from the river, repair roads, carry heavy loads of paper upstairs, and do other physically demanding work, Master Li always protected me, and my back did not hurt once. To think that I was once unable to lift a cup!

Within three months of learning about Falun Gong, all my symptoms of back pain, intestinal problems, and breathing problems disappeared.

The Meaning of Life

I did the exercises every morning at the exercise site, then I took my child to school and went to work. Every evening after work, I would take my mat and Zhuan Falun to attend a small group Fa study session. At night, I meditated. Although I only got four hours of sleep daily, I felt relaxed and energetic. No matter how many chores there were to do, I never felt tired. I have found the meaning of life, and I am always happy!

My husband saw how much I had to do every day, and he said, “Now that you've recovered your health, you don't have to do the exercises every day. I can give you whatever you want.” I replied, “I want to be healthy forever.”

My husband shook his head and said, “People have to eat in order to live – what kind of person doesn't have illnesses? Tell me another one.” I said, “I want to be happy forever!” My husband replied, “People have emotions and desires, how can one always have things that make them happy? I can't give you that.”

I then said, “Even if you can't give me those things, my master can.” My husband smiled in response. In fact, he sees daily that I am healthier and happier than anyone else. He is the second person in my family to benefit from Dafa.

I am grateful to Master Li Hongzhi for giving me a new life. I am grateful to Falun Dafa for helping me understand the true meaning of life – to cultivate towards goodness, return to one's true self, and follow one's true path in life.