(Minghui.org) It was the beginning of the 2015/2016 winter, and it was very cold. I was coming back from my mom's house on a bus. I saw a lady in her 70s with a cane in one hand pull a shopping cart toward the bus. She got on the bus with much difficulty.

She tried to sit in a vacant seat by the front door, but the bus moved and shealmost fell. I hurried over to help her.

When the bus arrived at the next station, another passenger offered me her seat, which was across from the door. I thought that it would be a good spot for the elderly lady, so I offered her the seat.

“The last bus driver saw me walking toward the bus and hurriedly closed the door and drove away,” she said. “If this driver didn't let me get on the bus, I would have frozen to death.”

I told her that maybe the last bus did not have predestined relationship with her.” She sighed: “Yes, otherwise how could I have met a wonderful person like you.”

This could be a great opportunity to talk about Dafa, but the bus arrived at another station, and a big crowd got on. I regretted that I had missed the opportunity to talk about Dafa and hoped that the woman would get off at the same station as me.

People Ready to Quit the CCP

Two women next to me complained about the hardships of their job. I could tell that they worked at a department store. They told me that they were contractors.

“The money goes into corrupt greedy officials pockets,” I said. “We people work hard to just earn a little money. If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not eliminated, people will never have a better life. Jiang Zemin persecutes Falun Dafa. If you quit the CCP and its affiliates you won't be pulled down with it. They smiled and nodded. I gave them pen names and helped them quit the CCP.

I then made my way through the crowd so I could talk to the elderly lady. I asked when she was getting off. She thanked me for my help and said that she would get of at a certain station, which also happened to be my station. I told her that we would get off at the same station and that I would help her.

She said that she had rheumatism in her legs, which often hurts a lot, but had to go out today to do something important.

“My mom also had rheumatism and couldn't walk,” I said. “She had several serious illnesses and recovered. She is over 80 years old and has a very healthy body!” She immediately wanted to know how that happened.

Secret Recipe

I said, “There is a secret recipe, and it does not cost anything, nor does it need much effort. One only needs to do it with a sincere heart” She asked me to tell her after we got off the bus.

A lady next to me asked me for the secret recipe. This was a great opportunity to tell everyone on the bus, so I intended to speak loudly, “It is to sincerely say, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good'. Saying it sincerely will bring good fortune.”

Wow! I was surprised. It was suddenly quiet and peaceful on the bus. People seemed to be waiting to hear about Dafa and looked at me in amazement.

I told the lady next to me that she should remember that Dafa is good!” She said, “My mother practices Falun Dafa. She is very healthy and can eat everything.”

I said: “You're lucky. Our Master said, '...with one person practicing, the whole family benefits ...'” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”) She agreed.

The bus had arrived at our station and I helped the woman get off the bus and carried her shopping cart. People moved aside and asked us to be careful. I think that it was a kind reaction after they heard the Dafa message.

The woman walked with me until we were near her house. I talked about Dafa, and she agreed to quit the CCP. I taught her to say "Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good". She said: “Thank you! Hopefully I will have the good fortune to see you again,” with tears in her eyes. Her steps got lighter when she walked towards her house.