(Minghui.org) Since October 2015, the police department in Dachang County, Hebei Province has been harassing Falun Gong practitioners, demanding that write statements renouncing their faith with a promise to stop practicing. Officers were met with adamant refusals.

Most recently, a group of officers harassed an elderly practitioner's son three days in a row in early January 2016. Another practitioner's daughter was also threatened by police. Despite the intimidation, these children refused to turn against their parents, who are exercising their right to freedom of belief.

Ms. Jin Ruiling is still under probation for submitting a lawsuit against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution of Falun Gong. Wang Qinhan from the local Domestic Security Division is pressuring Ms. Jin's workplace to suspend her salary and other benefits.

In addition to the above-mentioned practitioners, the following residents also received unexpected visits from police in Dachang County for the same reason: Liu Li, Xu Shuqing, Hai Shuhua, Meng Lixin, Zhang Tianhai, Sun Shuxia, Li Dejun, Jiang Shuqin, Song Shufen, Li Shurong, Teng Jingrong, Liu Shiling, Li Shuping, Wang Liqin, Yang Xiaohong, Zhang Guizhen, Yang Shufen, Si Wanping, and Zhang Guizhen.

Most of the practitioners refused to sign statements renouncing their faith.

Perpetrators' names and contact information are available in the Chinese version.