(Minghui.org) I have been disabled since I was about one year old. Only able to move my head and my left wrist, I did not attend school. I even thought about committing suicide if I was still alive when I turned 18. I am now able to read and write, after years of practicing Falun Gong. The practice has given me wisdom and a new life.


I had a high fever when I was less than a year old, which lasted for over ten days. I then became disabled.

None of the doctors from the town and county hospitals could figure out what illness had struck me. In the end, the city hospital diagnosed me with polio, but they didn't give me a very hopeful prognosis.

I was given Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine, and underwent surgeries, acupuncture, and massage, but none helped. I could still move only my head and left wrist.

A specialist who came to our county hospital also said that there was no hope for my recovery. My parents and I begged him to help me, at least so that I could walk with crutches. But even that was impossible, he told us.

A doctor from our provincial hospital told my father that I would die before I turned 18 years old, because they had treated me with too many hormones. That was the end of any treatments for me.


When I was small, and my parents went out, they always took me, my younger sister, and brother with them. It wasn't convenient for them to carry me after I grew up, so they left my sister and brother to look after me when they went out.

After my younger sister and brother reached school age, my parents left me at home alone.

My parents put me in a chair when they went to farm the land. I sometimes fell out of it, as I always wanted to move, which twice caused a fracture of my right arm.

Loneliness was with me during my childhood. My sister and brother went to school, and my parents worked in the field. It was extremely lonely for me, and I often cried loudly. When I was tired from crying, I fell asleep, and when I woke up I carried on crying.

I often thought about why heaven had treated me so unfairly. Why was I like this, while others were healthy? I was very jealous of my sister's beauty, and my brother being so fit. I was jealous that they could go to school, and jump and run. I was jealous of everything they had. The jealousy made me suffer more. I often fought with them. I thought that if I didn't die by the time I was 18, I would commit suicide.

Falun Gong Enters My Life

My mother visited her neighbor on New Year's Day in 1994. She overheard someone talking about doing exercises. She then found out more the practice, which was Falun Gong.

She did the exercises a few times and started feeling better. She then started doing them regularly, and reading Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, every evening.

I wasn't happy about that, because she could not be with me during the day, and now she was getting busy with the Falun Gong exercises, and reading the book in the evenings.

I asked her, “What type of exercises are you so interested in? Is it really good?”

“Falun Gong,” she replied. “It's very good. How about you try it too? Maybe it could cure your illness.”

“But how can I do the exercises?” I questioned.

My mother borrowed audio tapes of Master’s lectures and book, and let me listen. I did not understand much of it in the beginning, but I knew it was teaching people to be good.

In the lecture, Master said that people who had serious illnesses were not allowed to go to the lectures. I started crying loudly after hearing this. My mother said that she would ask other practitioners whether it was appropriate for me to learn the practice.

An assistant from the local exercise site asked me to read the book first. I then began reading the book with my mother every day. But I couldn't do the exercises, so I only thought through the movements in my mind. This made my legs feel warm. My legs always felt cold during the winter, but now they felt warm.

Master Gives Me Wisdom

I did not attend school, but my younger sister taught me a few words. I could not read Zhuan Falun after my mother brought the book home, so my father read it to us.

I learned to read the book relatively quickly. I can now read all of Master's books and lectures, and even Minghui weekly. I even recited the book Zhuan Falun once.

My parents bought a laptop computer for me last year, and my mother asked a fellow practitioner to come and teach me how to use the Internet. I now visit the Minghui website and read the latest articles every day.

My mother and I have also filed a complaint against former dictator Jiang Zemin. I have also helped other practitioners file the forms.

I thank Master for giving me a new life. Falun Gong not only helps people have a healthy body, but also gives people wisdom. This is the power of the Falun Gong.