(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Zhang Chengyao and his wife Ms. Pan Hongli have been detained since September 2015. They were tortured and are in critical condition. Their medical parole request was denied.

The couple was arrested at home on September16, 2015, without an arrest warrant. The persecutors did not show a search and seizure warrant either, but they ransacked the house and confiscated many personal items.

The official arrest warrant was issued five weeks later. Mr. Zhang is being held in the Xinzhou Detention Center, and Ms. Pan in the Wuhan No. 1 Detention Center.

Ms. Pan developed diabetes while in custody. Her son requested that she be released on medical parole many times, but the requests were denied.

Their son received an urgent call from the detention center at the end of December, asking for money for treatment, because his father was in critical condition. He had to borrow money from his relatives for his father's treatments.