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I am a secondary school student. I was fortunate to join the Divine Land Marching Band in 2014. Before I could join the band, I encountered some obstacles. My mother was against my joining the band because I had just entered the local secondary school. She wanted me to focus on my studies. She was concerned that weekly practices in the band might take up too much of my time and influence my academic performance.

Holding Firm to My Decision

Because of her disapproval I hesitated, but I knew that joining the band was the right choice, so I stood firm in my decision. I convinced my mother that it would not affect my school work and she finally gave me the go ahead.

Since I had to learn how to play the instrument, I decided to change my extra-curricular activity at school from the choir to the brass band. When I discussed the matter with the teacher in charge of the activities, I was told, “I am not in favor of this change. If you join the brass band, you have to practice more, which will affect your academic performance.”

I was firm in my decision, so I discussed the issue with other teachers responsible for such activities. To my detriment, they all said no, and I felt discouraged. Then, I thought that if my intention was good, I should stick with it. I approached every teacher again, holding righteous thoughts at all times. Finally, I was given the go ahead to join the brass band as a trumpet player.

Scholastic Improvement

Those teachers were certain that my academic performance would suffer dramatically, but to the contrary my scholastic results improved a lot. Ibecame the top student in the class and even moved to the advanced class. My classmates were all amazed by my scholastic performance. I knew that it was Master who opened my wisdom.

Addicted to Electronic Devices

As a teenage student, I face many kinds of challenges and temptations daily. Nowadays, the biggest temptation that we face are electronic devices. Many young people are addicted to mobile devices. On the bus, students in uniform check their phones all the time. These electronic gadgets are indispensable to young people. It also creates a competitive environment, with students comparing as to whose device is better. Being addicted to these devices have made people become indifferent to other things around them. This is the negative effect of the electronic devices.

I used to be addicted to these devices too. When I woke up in the morning, I would first check it, mainly YouTube or other social network applications. On the way to school, I played games on my phone. When I arrived at school I did not socialize, as my friends would be busy checking their phones, so I would listen to music on my phone.

This situation continued until I read Master’s teaching on this issue. I was shocked to learn that I was actually being used by the electronic gadgets instead of using them. So I decided to let go of the addiction. I uninstalled the games and other social network applications. I then downloaded the audios of Master’s lectures onto it and began listening to the lectures instead of wasting time while waiting for the bus each day.

Dealing with a Conflict

I have also encountered conflicts and tests. I have constantly had to remind myself that I am a cultivator. Once, I was absent for one day. One of my friends offered to collect my homework book for me. The next day, I asked her for the book, but she said that she had left my book at home.

She then could not find my book. She smiled while she told me about it. I thought that she was kidding. Then I became worried. The homework book was supposed to be marked and evaluated. I felt bad about this. I thought that she did this on purpose out of jealousy. She wanted to see me chastised by the teacher if I could not hand in the homework on time. She wanted to beat me on the test. The more I thought about this, the angrier I became. I nearly went to chastise her. I then realized that I am a cultivator. Nothing happens without a reason. Probably Master was testing my xinxing through this incident. How could I get angry? So, I smiled at my friend and thanked her for her help. Thus, a conflict was avoided.

Relying on Myself

Recently, I faced an incident in the marching band, which I thought to be an enlightenment test by Master. When I went to the park for group rehearsal, the other trumpet player was absent. I felt nervous because I had always shared the music with that player. I could not memorize the music. On that day, I was the only trumpet player in the band, and I did not have the music. When we began to practice, I felt so ashamed because I had not been serious enough about band practice.

This incident made me realize that I should not rely on others. I should do the three things well and establish mighty virtue on my own.

Thank you Master!Thank you everybody.

(Presented at the 2015 Singapore Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)