(Minghui.org) Greetings, esteemed Master and fellow practitioners!

I am a Vietnamese practitioner who is currently employed in Singapore.

Not Using Our Human Side to Understand the Fa

I recently came to understand what is meant by studying the Fa diligently and truly using one's original nature to understand the Fa. For me, it means that I should not try to use my human side to understand it.

When I read Zhuan Falun on the train I thought I heard a voice that told me, “To study the Fa means that one should not cling to one's current understanding.”

I have since then become more attentive when I study the Fa. I could sense that I used to unconsciously use my human side to understand it. Therefore, although I could recite the Fa, I could not understand much of its inner meaning.

Additionally, it has become clearer to me why studying the Fa is so important. Our thoughts decide our actions, hence our own ideas determine our actions and their subsequent outcome.

Master said, “With broad knowledge of the laws and principles, he is able to unravel uncertainties.” (“Sage” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Having understood this, I felt that I have improved in how I study the Fa. It seemed that this was the turning point in my cultivation, and that since then I have really cultivated. It was the first time I felt that I was studying the Fa with my heart. I took two days to study five lectures in Zhuan Falun and the effect was quite good.

Balancing the Relationship Between Cultivation and Work

There were some problems at work. Because of pressure from my boss and the excessive demands from clients, I developed resentment towards them. At that time, I only thought to finish my assignments quickly, so that I could go home and do Fa-validation projects.

Besides, I thought that if I used too much of my time and effort doing ordinary work and less Fa-validation projects, I would have stepped into the old forces’ trap. Therefore, my performance at work was very poor.

Fortunately, I studied more Fa at that time. I studied while taking the train or when I walked. I would seize every opportunity and studied the Fa after I sent forth righteous thoughts after lunch.

The Fa opened my mind and I suddenly realized that since I must treat my boss and clients well and do my job well, I should also carry the heart of wanting to do my job well and not just rush through the motions. In that case, the work would naturally be completed quickly.

It did not occur to me previously that if I didn't do my job well, my clients and my company would suffer losses. It was not that they were persecuting me or stopping me from doing Fa-validation projects.

I then came to understand that regardless of whether it was interference from the old forces or a test arranged by Master, things would not go wrong if I maintained righteous thoughts. Also, wanting to do the job well is not wrong.

Since then, my ordinary work has become less stressful. Although it is still as busy, my boss now often praises me.

My work is a little stressful, as we help clients with software problems. Clients will contact me if there is a problem. They will be unhappy and sometimes speak unkindly. This is an excellent opportunity to elevate one's xinxing every day. From studying the Fa, I came to realize that I should be thankful for this environment and try to use it to elevate my xinxing.

I also discovered that after my xinxing elevated, I did better in my Falun Dafa translation project and my translation speed became faster. I understood that because this was separate from my ordinary daily work, there was no conflict. Conflicts occur during ordinary work. I must grab this chance to elevate my xinxing and not treat it as interference.

Letting Go of Self

I went to Vietnam last April to visit my relatives, and while there I also participated in a small group Fa study. I felt that something was wrong in their attitude towards me.

I asked one practitioner, “Please tell me if this is my problem?” He said, “You often interrupt others while they are talking.”

I thought, “Yes, that’s right. I do have such a problem.” I did not respect others and did not listen to them. I always wanted to talk. I did not know how to change.

Therefore, I talked with another practitioner about my problem. He said, “That’s very good! It is an improvement that you have realized this!” I asked him how should I change? He replied, “You should not place such importance on your personal situation. Place more importance on the needs of others and their situation, and you will naturally be calmer and listen attentively to others.”

I used this method with my parents. I let go of the thought of wanting to express myself and I focused on their words instead. Unlike previously when I emphasized my needs, I listened very attentively to them and placed their needs before mine.

This helped me cherish their lives, and the effect of my clarifying the truth about Dafa improved. Since then, my father takes me to Fa study and even to my grandfather’s friends so that I can introduce the Fa to them.

Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2015 Singapore Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)