(Minghui.org) For the past several years, I had been giving an elderly practitioner truth-clarification materials for him to distribute to people. He used to be an assistant of a local practice site, and practitioners thought he was diligent in cultivation and listened to him. I usually gave him 3 to 5 brochures and DVDs each time I visited.

During one visit at the end of 2014, he told me he was worried, so worried that he had not been able to sleep or eat well for a long time. I inquired about his worries, and he said he had a large backlog of truth clarification materials. I asked him more about the materials, and he showed me the boxes. I then realized they were what I had been delivering to him over the years.

He told me he had become afraid to distribute the materials, so to save face he just put them into storage. He had not been clarifying the truth to anyone. I thought about how sometimes when I came to visit, he was watching TV. I took the boxes of materials with me and distributed them all.

I did not visit him the following month, and I heard in January 2015 that his family sent him to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. He went into a coma and was put in the ICU. He never woke up and passed away eight days later.

I also heard that a couple who were both practitioners were suffering with sickness karma. Recently, when a fellow practitioner went to give them materials for distribution, they confessed that they still had 500 copies of Shen Yun DVDs at home that they had not distributed yet.

This is not something we can neglect. The old forces and gods are both watching us. Each brochure and DVD contains practitioners' efforts, which play the role in saving people. Thus, I recommend here that practitioners remind one another about the backlog of such materials.