(Minghui.org) Ms. Fan Qifan was arrested on October 27, 2015, at a local farmer's market. Zhongjielu Police Station officers and guards from the security department of Hainan Normal University made the arrest.

Ms. Fan is a retired foreign language teacher who used to work at the university, which is located in Haikou City.

Five officers from the police station then broke into and raided her home. They took about a thousand Falun Dafa informational brochures, almost a hundred Falun Dafa books, one laptop, two printers, one DVD recorder, and one tablet. They left the apartment in shambles.

Two days later, four officers returned and conducted another search. Fan Yujiang, Ms. Fan's son, asked them why they had arrested his mother. An officer told him it was because she had mailed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, the former dictator who initiated the persecution of Falun Dafa.

Ms. Fan has been detained in the Haikou No. 2 Detention Center ever since her arrest. Her son retained a lawyer for her, but when he went to the detention center to visit her with the lawyer, the guards threatened him and told him not to hire a lawyer.

Mother Detained, Son Suffers

Ms. Fan raised her son alone. Since her son was in the second grade, she has been arrested and detained many times. She was sent to brainwashing centers six or seven times and was detained at one time for nearly a year. During that time, her son lived alone, with no one to care for him.

When he was even younger, a local practitioner took care of him when Ms. Fan was held by the authorities. However, that practitioner was also arrested. Another practitioner took him in, but then she was arrested, too. At one point, an officer with a conscience took care of him for six months.

Her son is now 25 years old. His life has been full of turmoil and tragedy since he was a small child. He has decided to hire a lawyer and sue because of the persecution that he has been subjected to over the years.

Parties Involved in Persecuting Ms. Fan:

Haikou Police Department: +86-898-31652350Zhang Xu (张旭), Domestic Security Section: +86-898-31652358 (Office)Han Donghuang (韩邓黄): +86-18776267885