(Minghui.org) Some fellow practitioners are very interested in the changes taking place in everyday society, and some watch the top stories on NTDTV every day. Others pay close attention to who is arrested in the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) campaign against corruption, and still others who describe the CCP's political struggles vividly when talking to everyday people, and seem attached to the time when Jiang Zemin will be arrested.

Master said,

“In my lectures I have repeatedly stressed that the form of human society—no matter what type of social or political system—is predestined and determined by heaven. A cultivator does not need to mind the affairs of the human world, let alone get involved in political struggles.” (“Cultivation Practice is Not Political” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

When asking everyday people to sign petitions supporting the lawsuits against Jiang, some said, “Would you follow the current CCP head Xi Jinping or former head Jiang Zemin?” Some stressed the words said by the current CCP head when clarifying the truth about the persecution, placing Dafa in a secondary position.

Master said,

“The political instability and the changes that are now happening, or that may lie ahead, might really draw your attention. But I think that since you, as Dafa disciples, have come through the harsh tests of the last ten-plus years, you should be able to see things for what they are. The things that happen in the human world are natural changes that occur in the human world. And I know, of course, that all of those things are due to gods’ systematic arrangements. That is how it works. Don’t get involved in human political affairs, and don’t let yourself get stirred up by ordinary people. In recent years many democracy activists and political organizations have given us support, and [some of] you have in turn participated in their activities. But you need to stay aware that you are a cultivator and that we don’t get involved in political things.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

Over the past 16 years persecution, some practitioners have developed hateful feelings towards the CCP, since they were frequently persecuted. However, we should remember to cultivate compassion.

Master said,

“The power of true compassion can dissolve all deviant factors.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”)

Dafa practitioners have the responsibility to save people. Disintegrating the CCP is to save people, too. Why is the Party disintegrating? Because it persecutes Dafa and practitioners, and interferes with practitioners who are saving people.

Master said,

“That said, though, I have said that Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, haven’t I? (Master laughs) Having reached this point where we are today, the conclusion draws near. In any case, why do I say that ‘Fa-rectification is sure to succeed’? The reason is, the Fa has already been completed, from start to finish, with merely the salvation of sentient beings left to carry out.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference”)

After reading “Foretelling the Fa’s Rectification of the Human World,” I arrived at a better understanding of Fa-rectification. We need to assist Master, accomplish what he wants, and save more sentient beings. This is our responsibility as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.

My understanding is that when we tell people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, we need to have them understand that “Falun Dafa is good.”

CCP members who have been arrested or imprisoned in Xi Jinping's anti-corruption campaign are Jiang's followers who actively participated in the persecution. When people understand that this is a form of retribution, I think it will help to illustrate that persecuting Dafa has consequences, and that people will benefit by siding with the righteous side.

The time that the Party will disintegrate is set by Heaven. Dafa practitioners should not be attached to time, or how long the process takes, but focus on saving people with the limited time we have. No matter what unfolds in ordinary society, it should not move practitioners. We should remember that we are Dafa practitioners and not forget our sacred mission.