(Minghui.org) Eight police officers came to my house on July 28, 2015. When they entered my bedroom, some pinned me to the bed, while others ransacked my home.

They refused to respond when I told them that they were breaking the law. When they found some Falun Gong flyers and DVDs, they dumped them on the floor.

“Do you know why we are here?” one of the officers demanded. “You mailed a criminal complaint, didn’t you? We are here because of that!” Then they arrested me.

“Just a Piece of Meat on a Cutting Board”

They tied me to an iron chair at the police station. They demanded that I sign their interrogation report, which I refused.

“You filed a false accusation against our former leader. You must sign it,” they said.

He showed me my complaint and asked if I had prepared it.

“Yes, this was prepared by me,” I said. “Jiang Zemin has persecuted so many good people, and he is responsible for the crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. What you are doing is against the law. The government said that every case would be reviewed.”

“I don’t care what you say,” responded one of the officers. “Here you are just a piece of meat on a cutting board. Sign the paper now or I will break your fingers.”

After a physical examination at the Central Hospital, the police took me to a detention center. On the way there I constantly sent the righteous thought that the center would not accept me.

Sure enough, within 30 minutes after we arrived, these thoughts took effect. “We do not accept anyone who filed a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin,” a detention center official said.

I was back home the next afternoon. After sorting through my belongings, I noticed that the police had confiscated all my Falun Gong books, a computer, a printer, and dozens of Falun Gong DVDs, among other personal items.