(Minghui.org) The wave of legal complaints against former dictator Jiang Zemin has come fast and seems unstoppable. From a cultivator's perspective, however, this wave is also like a huge mirror that can reflect many attachments and old notions.

Some Dafa practitioners are afraid to take the lead, are afraid of being persecuted again, or cannot let go of their emotions regarding their families. Others think first of self-protection, will go to extremes, or their attachments to reputation and profit are stirred up and they are seeking compensation and vindication. Still others have slacked off in sending forth righteous thoughts because they believe that the environment is getting better, they think this event has nothing to do with them, or they waver when they feel pressure.

What is it that often disturbs our hearts when facing choices? After experiencing numerous tests and tribulations, human thinking can emerge again at the last moments of our journeys. Our hearts and minds can bob about like tall weeds in the wind. If our cultivation is not solid, we have to look inside to find where the fault lies. If we fail to fully believe in Master and the Fa and let human thinking predominate, I think it is because we did not study the Fa well.

The evil simply targets our human thoughts. All the illusions in ordinary society are the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Master told us:

“For a gigantic divine being, his one thought can create cosmic bodies and cosmoses.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

We can see how powerful Dafa disciples' one body is. If we all believe one hundred percent that Jiang Zemin will be put on trial, and we take action, this tyrant will soon be finished.

With millions of Falun Dafa disciples taking on this unprecedented task together, the persecutors can only wait in panic for the trials of their crimes. Therefore, we must not have thoughts that the persecutors will retaliate. That is not our genuine thinking: it is imposed on us by the old forces, and we must totally negate it.

When Zhou Yongkang (former head of the Political and Legal Affairs Department) appeared in the media, people watching his trial cast looks of disgust. The trial seemed to be a silent announcement that the old forces persecuting Dafa are almost extinguished and that they are just waiting for practitioners to bring this play to an end.

Nothing can stop the torrent of bringing Jiang Zemin to justice. This is the divine will. Whoever is against it will be punished. I hope practitioners can seize this precious opportunity, strengthen their righteous thoughts, break through human thinking, and work together to bring Jiang Zemin to justice. This is our mission. In the process however, sands will be sifted and only gold will shine and achieve what Master requires.