Greetings, Revered Master and fellow practitioners!

I wish to share with you my experiences clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa and encouraging Chinese tourists to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at tourist sites.

Identify Topics and Talk about Points of Interest

It's a challenge to find the approach that stops tourists long enough to hear us clarify the truth about Dafa. Tourists refuse to listen if we say something like “Heaven will eliminate the CCP, so quit for your own safety,” which sounds like a slogan.

This may happen because the Chinese tourists were brainwashed by the CCP for so many years, and have heard falsehoods about Dafa. They often do not know that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people who live by the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They do not understand why quitting the CCP could ensure their safety and that Falun Dafa is good.

In my experience, if we have a positive and kind attitude and use words that sound welcoming and friendly, they feel that they can relax. I talk about subjects of interest until I find that they are ready to listen to me talk about Dafa.

I may ask the tourists if they had fun or say how lucky we are to have such beautiful weather. Or, if they are eating, ice cream, I ask if it tastes different in China. There are so many ways to break the ice in starting a conversation.

It is better if the tourists take our brochures, leaflets, and newspapers about organ harvesting and quitting the CCP, because they contain a great amount of information that is unavailable in China.

One man was very interested in our organ harvesting newspaper but too scared to take one with him, even though another practitioner and I tried to persuade him. We then changed the topic because it appeared he was eager to listen to us.

After we explained why he should quit the CCP, he agreed. He started to walk away, but after a few steps he turned back, took the organ harvesting newspaper, and put it in his pocket.

Epoch Times Special Events Paper Breaks the Ice

There were many Chinese tourists in a gift shop, but three in that group waited outside. I gave each of them an Epoch Times special event paper. One asked if I was paid to hand out the paper. He thought that I must have been a director in China and felt sorry for me.

Instead of responding in kind, I told him that the newspaper is published by practitioners and was a gift to him and his friends because they could not find this information anywhere in China.

He couldn’t understand it and asked, “Then, without any benefits, what is this for? Did you come to this country because you embezzled plenty of money in China?” I did not respond.

The other tourists had finished their shopping and asked for the newspaper, too. After some more wordplay that also imparted the understanding that they had to cherish this paper, I gave them each a paper. Bt then, the atmosphere had changed, and they bombarded me with many questions. I pointed to the articles in the paper that reported on the Chinese officials that are either being investigated or have been taken to court.

Some of the tourists finally understood the truth about Falun Dafa and why they should quit the CCP--and agreed to quit. However, there were fewstill in favor of the CCP who kept asking questions. I spoke of the different dynasties that reigned in China for years and brought peace and prosperity to the land.

But when the CCP assumed power, it immediately spread the doctrines of class struggle and atheism, which denied our 5,000 years of divine culture. The CCP forced people to accept Marxism-Leninism as their guiding ideology. I asked them, "When a nation has lost its faith and culture, where should it go?" Before they got back on the bus, many of them quit the CCP.

Disillusioned by the CCP

A young man who was a company director in China was in Sydney on vacation. He looked at all the banners carefully and listened to us talk about Dafa. After he asked some questions, he was deeply moved and said, “It’s been years since I have come across anyone who is really kind and trustworthy. I feel so lucky to have bumped into you today.”

He had many questions, including about the staged self-immolation hoax, why he should quit the CCP, the damage corruption is doing to China, why CCP leaders have been sued, and why Falun Dafa is popular around the world.

He told me that he was a very successful entrepreneur in China and lives a very comfortable life, but people don't trust each other anymore. He could sense the crisis everywhere in society and the lack of morality.

He did not wish to leave and had many more questions, but his tour guide said it was time. Before he left, he quit the Party. He also left his personal and company contact information with me and hoped that I would keep in touch.

We got in touch, and he told me that he had watched the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party CD with his entrepreneur friends, and they all lost the very last remnants of hope they used to have for the CCP.

Reinforcing My Divine Side

I have been bothered by my cultivation state, which at times is good and at other times, bad. Sometimes I feel quite certain about Dafa, but other times I think like a regular person. I want to relax at home, enjoy life, show-off, and be more concerned about myself than others. Sometimes I wonder if I can keep calm during a conflict? At the Arhat level there would be nothing to disturb my mind--which level have I reached?

We practitioners have both sides, the divine and the human side, which explains why I might think as a divinity at one time and as a human another time. When I have strong righteous thoughts, which is my divine side, I feel I am given strength, wisdom, and inspiration, and my messy thoughts and notions are under control. I can understand more of the Fa truths than usual and am inspired when I do Fa-rectification work.

A few hours of sleep suffices when my divine side is dominant. When my human side dominates, messy ideas and personal notions disturb me. If the human side goes on for long, I feel that I'm not a practitioner who succeeds in Fa-rectification activities and I'm tired and sick. I've concluded that it’s necessary to suppress the human side frequently and reinforce the divine side.

People Will Not Forget Practitioners' True Demeanor

Diligent Dafa disciples can change the environment and sentient beings. I came across some people who recognized the true face of the CCP. This happened because Dafa disciples they know have done very well.

One couple told me that they know that Falun Dafa is good, and they quit the CCP. They explained that they had a business, and some of their employees are practitioners. The first practitioner they hired became homeless to avoid getting arrested. They let him stay in the company. He thought always of others first, accepted work no one liked to do, and did not ask for compensation. There is no one who does not want to be his friend. This practitioner recommended other homeless practitioners, and the couple hired them. They are all very good and work hard, which has helped the company increase its profits.

I believe once the Chinese people see who speaks and who does not speak the truth, they will remember these people forever. I want to be like these practitioners.

Thank you, Master. Thank you, everyone.

(Presented at the 2015 Australia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)