(Minghui.org) Many Falun Gong practitioners have been exercising their legal rights to sue Jiang Zemin for launching the persecution of Falun Gong and causing such great harm and tremendous suffering over the past 16 years. Unfortunately, a number of practitioners in my area found their criminal complaints illegally sent to the local police department instead. Subsequently, many practitioners were illegally arrested and their homes ransacked.

To overcome interference by the old forces, the practitioners in my area sent forth strong righteous thoughts as a group. As a result, most of the arrested practitioners were released. They also successfully re-sent their criminal complaints.

Leaving Home to Escape Arrest

When three practitioners in my Fa study group were arrested (one was released the same night), I immediately informed practitioners in the nearby counties and advised them to send righteous thoughts and move Dafa materials to a safe place. Both my mother-in-law and I were not at home when my house, which serves as our group exercise site, was raided. We had to leave home and stayed separately with relatives (also Dafa practitioners) to avoid arrest.

Facing this unexpected tribulation and interference, I was at a loss, despite sending righteous thoughts to negate the evil in other dimensions. While at my relative's home, I recited the Fa and we read experience-sharing articles together. We looked inwards for shortcomings and eliminated them. Deep in my heart, I said to myself: “Whatever I saw or heard is fake. Only Master's Fa-rectification is true! The lawsuits against Jiang Zemin are real.” But I still sensed inexplicable pressure and fear every day.

Overcoming the Attachment of Fear

A tremendous pressure came upon me every time I thought of going home. I was so frustrated that I was in tears. My relative comforted me. She said that she recites Lunyu every day and she has read Master's “Fa Teaching at the 2015 New York Fa Conference” many times.

She encouraged me based on Fa teachings, reminding me that it should not be practitioners, but the officers who persecute Falun Gong, who should be fearful. If they had such fear, they would not dare to persecute practitioners and would return all confiscated materials. My righteous thoughts became stronger after I carefully considered her point of view.

My husband came to pick me up two days later. He said, “All of the practitioners in our village except my mother paid money to the police station and voluntarily turned in Falun Gong books. They signed documents saying that they will no longer practice cultivation. Many people advised me to do the same on behalf of my mother, but I refused because my mother has not violated any law.” I calmly listened, thinking that only what Master says counts.

I went home with my husband. Through her celestial eye, my relative saw that my main spirit was smiling at her. But she also saw black waves behind me. She wept and sent righteous thoughts for me.

When we got home, my father-in-law said that the husband of one of the detained practitioners threatened that he would report to the police anyone who came to see his wife again. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts for him, and he has not made that threat since.

I still felt afraid during those first few days. I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the attachment. I recited Lunyu, and reminded myself that Master is right next to me. But I was still affected by the evil's slanderous lies and negative information.

As I read Lunyu one day, I suddenly realized that I am a particle of the Fa. My life was bestowed by Dafa and Master, and my skills and abilities originate from the Fa. Instantly, I felt selfless and fearless. I was assimilated to the Fa completely, feeling that I was supported by a powerful strength.

Sending Righteous Thoughts in Unison

I went to see my mother-in-law and shared cultivation experiences with her and with a few practitioners who helped her look inwards. We all realized that the persecution is not against a particular person. It is against every practitioner and all sentient beings. We sent forth righteous thoughts together with more local practitioners, and included the words, “Persecution against Dafa disciples and sentient beings is strictly forbidden!”

I wrote a truth-clarification letter to the chief of our local police station after I returned home. To avoid my being exposed, a fellow practitioner mailed it out from another city. Meanwhile, several practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts with me. My mother-in-law felt strong energy in her dimensional field and her fear weakened. She finally returned home two days later.

Practitioners mailed out their criminal complaints again on July 9 and 10. Although the mailing were held up by the Beijing Mail Processing Center for more than a month, all but two have been delivered as of today.

We are still sending righteous thoughts together every day.