(Minghui.org) After the editorial “Notice Regarding Suing Jiang” was published on the Minghui website, I found that practitioners have different understandings on what they should do. Some have even decided not to send their criminal complaint to China's Supreme Court or Procuratorate in reporting Jiang Zemin's crimes of initiating the persecution of Falun Gong.

Below are my understandings.

On the issue suing Jiang, Master said,

“Indeed, it should be sued...; all of humanity should sue it. It has harmed all Chinese people, as well as many people in other regions all over the world.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

Therefore, we should go ahead and sue Jiang. However, we need to take a rational approach when doing this.

Our purpose is to save people. If we willingly reveal our identities to those who wish to persecute us, it can create interference and prevent us from carrying out our Dafa work. If these people become a hindrance to the Fa-rectification, how can we save them?

So for practitioners whose identities are not already known to the Chinese authorities, it is better to use pseudonyms. This way, we will be able stay out of the authorities' radar, report Jiang's crimes, continue to do expose the persecution, and let more people know about Falun Gong.

For practitioners who have already filed lawsuits against Jiang, I think we should remain diligent and always look inward.

Master said,

“No matter what it is you have encountered as you've gone about validating the Fa, it is all, I will tell you, a good thing--and that's especially so in these years of persecution--for those things have come about specifically because you do cultivation. Those ordeals and the suffering, no matter how great or harsh you find them to be, are good things, because they take place solely on account of your cultivation.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference”)

As long as we treat everything with righteous thoughts and really discipline ourselves as practitioners, we would be able to do things well.

I hope more practitioners can report Jiang's crimes and file lawsuits against him.