(Minghui.org) Many Chinese people have been deceived by the propaganda broadcast by the Chinese Communist Party to justify its violent suppression of Falun Gong. Suing Jiang Zemin, who initially directed the persecution, will not only bring him to justice but also help us to tell people about the persecution and what Falun Gong really is.

I've mentioned the lawsuit I filed against Jiang Zemin when talking to people, and received wide support.

One day, my son asked, “Mom, you haven't talked to us much recently. What have you been doing?” I told him that I had filed a lawsuit against Jiang. To my surprise, he laughed and said, “that's great!” His response encouraged me to tell him more. I mentioned that I received a receipt from the Supreme People's Court. He said to me, “don't pin all your hope in any person, including the current Party leader. As long as you believe what you're doing is right, you should just do it.”

When I told my brother about the lawsuit, he said, “Do you know that the Party's prisons nowadays are full of Party members? Jiang Zemin is truly a bad person, and the persecution of Falun Gong was all started by him.”

One of my friends told me, “What you did is right. Jiang Zemin is not a good person. He has been involved in pretty much every bad thing in China.”

I went to a government office that once had a role in persecuting me in the past. When the head of the office saw me, he said, “we're not in charge of Falun Gong anymore.” I said, “Okay, I will go talk to Jiang Zemin. I will sue him, because it is he who gave you the order to persecute Falun Gong.”

My words shocked him, so I continued, “so many high-ranking Party officials have fallen and are in jail. Who did they rely on? Jiang Zemin! Is it so obvious that Jiang is the next one to fall and be brought to justice? I hope you won't follow him. Make the right decision for your future.”

I then went to the 610 Office and told the chief there, “I know you just carry out the orders you receive. It is Jiang Zemin who started the persecution. I hope you won't mistreat Falun Gong practitioners. I already filed a lawsuit against Jiang.”

The chief tried to change the subject. I said, “I need to let you know this and the brutal facts of the persecution. Don't you tell me in the future that you didn't know the persecution is wrong.”