(Minghui.org) As the number of lawsuits against Jiang Zemin increased dramatically, I looked within and found some new attachments.

I began to watch political news because I wanted to know which high-ranking official was removed from his post and who was tried and found guilty. This interest made me wonder when Jiang would be investigated and if he would be arrested.

This kind of news did not interest me in the past. However, with this interest I actually began to count on ordinary people to end the persecution. I also became obsessed with the number of practitioners who sued Jiang and followed any such information closely.

This interest made me believe that if the number of criminal complaints against Jiang grew substantially, it would bring about an everyday society movement that ended the persecution.

Then, some practitioners said that the persecution would end in a certain month next year.

These assumptions are a reflection of an attachment to time. Practitioners have gone through so much since the onset of the persecution and should not have such an attachment anymore.

The Fa-rectification is in Teacher's hands and the time we have now is a result of Teacher's tremendous sacrifice, so that we could save more people. It is improper for practitioners to desire that the persecution end soon. If many practitioners have this attachment to time, it would form a loophole for the old forces to exploit and slow down the progress of suing Jiang.