(Minghui.org) It is important for practitioners who have been directly persecuted in mainland China to file criminal complaints against Jiang. In the meantime, we have seen that some practitioners whose identities have not been exposed, either inside China or overseas, are also considering joining this effort. This has raised security concerns.

Criminal complaints are court documents that require detailed personal information. Reporting Jiang's crimes, on the other hand, does not require such detailed information, and pseudonyms can be used. The latter method is thus preferred to reduce unnecessary losses.

Some have collected signatures from overseas practitioners in the hundreds or thousands and requested detailed personal information, including even passport numbers. A Western practitioner in one region collected signatures of Western practitioners from a media project, and, despite opposition, insisted on sending this list to mainland China. Such actions are wrong and should not be allowed.

Everything we do is to let more people know the truth so that they can be saved. Suing Jiang is one way of achieving this. But we should not let this create security loopholes. Therefore, providing lists of practitioners' names and personal information to the Chinese communist regime is not something we should do.