(Minghui.org) Two practitioners told me that the police in Beijing had arrested people who filed complaints against Jiang Zemin and that the complaints from our area had already been returned to local police stations. They said that some people in their areas did not mail out their prepared complaints, because they had heard rumors that suing Jiang Zemin should stop by July 20.

Master said,

“Without human action happening under cosmic changes, such conditions would not have been brought to ordinary human society, and neither would they be called cosmic changes.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Master confirmed in a recent lecture that we should sue Jiang Zemin. We are just carrying out our mission according to Master's arrangement, which is a cosmic change. During this process, we need to get rid of our human attachments. When we file our complaints, are we attached to depending on others, zealotry, showing off, or fear? Do we take it seriously, or do we just want to finish a job?

When we face negative consequences after filing the complaints, we must look inward. Some practitioners had strong righteous thoughts after they were arrested. They were released the same day.

How can ordinary people change the arrangement of divine beings? As Dafa disciples, we should improve our inner self whenever problems emerge, instead of following others.

We should not give those who spread rumors an audience. This information can easily cause confusion or fear among practitioners. Ordinary news can be exaggerated, and even its meaning can change when passed along. We need to stop any rumors or things not on the Fa as soon as we hear them. It is a serious matter of cultivating our speech.