(Minghui.org) A practitioner informed me of a meeting to be held in May, which was related to suing Jiang Zemin, the former dictator of the Communist Party. This practitioner also asked me how I felt about suing Jiang.

I initially thought this was something done by Minghui editors, as it was not safe for us, nor were we ready to do that. Therefore, I did not go to the meeting.

As soon I came to realize that I needed to take action, my attachment of fear flared up. I was afraid of losing my freedom and my current state of life. I felt uneasy for a few days.

While exchanging understandings on suing Jiang with another practitiner, I said that this was part of the cosmic changes, as Teacher's Fa-rectification has come to this stage. However, my state of mind was not quite there yet, and I could not firm up my mind to act on it.

Moving Onward, Steadily

One day when I was cooking, I was thinking about how to write my prosecution letter. While thinking about it, compassion arose in my heart, and tears began to fall.

However, fear, resentment, and other attachments kept popping up when I began to write the prosecution letter. I was so afraid of being persecuted by local police officers, I just could not continue writing the letter.

Not until I began to study Teacher's “Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference” did I manage to calm down. Teacher told us that bringing Jiang to justice is for the sake of stopping the persecution and for sentient beings to learn the truth and be saved. It is thus an act of compassion. How can one possibly incur persecution?

During that time, a prosecution letter from an older practitioner, which was pure and simple, helped me enlighten and get motivated. I soon finished preparing the indictment. Initially, I could not remember some details, however, Teacher helped me by reminding me through several people and at different times.

I asked another practitioner to help me edit and print my first draft on June 3. My fear kept flaring up at that time. With the fear becoming much weaker, an attachment of relying on others began to surface. I expected that another practitioner would mail the letter for me, though I knew expecting this was not righteous. Since so many practitioners are very busy themselves, how can I bother them?

When Teacher saw that my xinxing needed to be elevated, he pushed me all the way to where I needed to be. At that time, local practitioners did not want to use express mail, as it was not safe based on reports from the Minghui website. Only one local courier company dared to accept mail suing Jiang. After I printed the indictment, I began to think about whether I should use the same courier company.

On my way home, a new courier company caught my attention. Subduing my fear, I walked into their office. A young staff worker offered to fill out the address to the Supreme Procuratorate for me. Then he asked me whether the document was for personal or business use. I told him what it was for, and he told me that the “Shanghai Gang” (nickname given to a group of high-level Communist Party politicians) had almost completely stepped down.

He also kindly reminded me that the mail would be opened at a certain point. I said that it was fine, since the more people who see this letter, the more chances for people to learn the truth about the persecution.

Some practitioners said that mail dropped off at a courier company might be confiscated by police officers, but my letter safely arrived at the Supreme Procuratorate and was accepted by security guards. Later a practitioner reminded me that the Procuratorate only accepts complaints delivered by the post office for setting up a legal case. So I revised my indictment and added a section to the letter about how my family was subjected to persecution.

When I took my revised letter to the print shop to make a copy, a female staff there became curious about my letter, but she seemed a bit reluctant to see its contents. I encouraged her to take a close look at it, with the hope that she would help spread the word about suing Jiang.

On my way to the post office, I happened to run into anther practitioner who was on her way home from work. She had already managed to mail her indictment. She came with me to the post office, and she stood outside to send forth righteous thoughts for me.

I was a bit hesitant, but mustered my courage and approached the counter. When I was filling out the mailing form, I wrote every stroke with full concentration. Every thought I had and every stroke I made was righteous thoughts and aimed at eliminating evil and saving sentient beings. Yet the whole process seemed so normal.

Seeing the Whole Thing Through

Around noon on the third day, I went to another practitioner’s home. I told her I went to the post office to mail my revised complaint, but that I still had not received a confirmation. She asked me what I would do if my mail was not delivered.

In that case, I said I would go to Beijing. She said she would go with me.

After I came home in the afternoon, as soon as I picked up my cell phone, I saw the confirmation message from the Procuratorate. The delivery time happened to occur while I was talking about my mailing with the other practitioner.

I understood that this was not a coincidence. Later I heard that many practitioners’ indictments were held up, but then some received their confirmations.

When I spoke with another practitioner about the obstacles we faced, we came to enlighten that the matter of suing Jiang has much to do with our xinxing. The standpoint of suing Jiang is to save sentient beings and clarify the truth, so we need to send forth righteous thoughts, pay attention to our xinxing, and eliminate all our attachments—including even the pursuit of improving ourselves through suing Jiang.

Teacher is actually using the matter of suing Jiang to help us eliminate our last attachments and help us to reach consummation. Thinking about this, I felt that I was not quite up to par and had let Teacher down. After all, I missed so many opportunities that Teacher arranged for my elevation.

Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

“Mentally overcoming tribulations is the key to truly improving one’s level.”

Looking inward, how many of us treat conflicts, humiliation, and being wronged as precious opportunities for improvement?