The Persecution Made My Wife Misunderstand Dafa

My wife will soon be 50 years old. She practiced Falun Gong for a few months, but became scared and stopped practicing when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution.

She gradually started believing the CCP propaganda against Falun Gong, and misunderstood Dafa more and more. When the CCP-staged “self-immolation” was publicized, she could not sleep well because she feared I might do something extreme.

I was sentenced to one year of forced labor after going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. My wife had to work and care for our child alone. Her family members suggested that she divorce me. Although she refused, her unhappiness towards me increased.

I was dismissed from my job while I was in the labor camp. After I was released, my wife refused to give me money because she was afraid I might use it to go to Beijing to appeal again.

I took a job in another town to make a living. My wife decided to take early retirement and joined me with our child.

After she moved in, she was worried whenever I attended group Fa study. She sometimes spoke to me with heavy sarcasm.

Kindness of Practitioners Touched My Wife

I managed to talk my wife into agreeing with my having a Fa study group at our home. After meeting frequently with the other practitioners, she gradually accepted them. She began to understand more of the truth about Falun Gong.

Late one night in October 2012, a dozen police showed up at the door. They used a master key to unlock our “burglarproof” door and forced their way in. They ransacked our home and violently arrested me.

My wife was horrified and felt helpless at that time, but the other practitioners stood by her. They contacted her and helped her make plans to handle the situation. Some worked on hiring lawyers for me, some contributed money, some accompanied her to the detention center to demand my release, and some wrote an article about the details of my persecution and quickly sent it to the Minghui website, to expose the perpetrators.

The selfless help from practitioners reduced the pressure on my wife and helped her through the difficult time. With their help, I returned home a month later.

My wife was deeply touched by the practitioners' actions. She saw that they were selfless and were always considerate of others. She felt closer to the practitioners and Dafa.

My Wife's Attitude Changed

After this incident, I often called my wife to join the group Fa study. She always happily joined in. She became selfless and willing to help others.

One practitioner's husband was seriously ill last month, so my wife and I visited them. Seeing that the husband had lost the will to live due to his illness, my wife said to him, “You shouldn't think this way. We are all strongly destined with Dafa. As long as you believe in Dafa and recite, 'Falun Dafa is good' often, you will be fine.”

When I spoke to others about Falun Gong, she often helped by advising them to withdraw their memberships from the CCP. This was a stark contrast to the past, when she tried to stop me from clarifying the facts.

She no longer tries to stop me from doing so, and sometimes reminds me to pay attention to safety and use my wisdom when talking to people.

When some practitioners were arrested, she went with me to comfort and help their family members.

A local practitioner was recently arrested, and his family was having difficulty caring for his child. My wife volunteered to take the child into our home. She really cared about the child, and other people thought this was her own child.

Dafa changed my wife.