(Minghui.org) I would like to share my experience of breaking through the feeling of sleepiness while studying the Fa.

I used to study the Fa alone because I didn't know any other practitioners. I became sleepy when studying. Sometimes I could resist the sleepy feeling and continue reading, but other times I stopped reading and fell asleep.

I met a practitioner in 2014 and joined their group Fa study. Since I joined them I have never felt sleepy during Fa-study. As long as there is a fellow practitioner studying the Fa with me, I don't feel sleepy, but I actually become more alert.

Why do I remain alert when studying the Fa with practitioners but feel sleepy when studying alone? I think it is because I concentrate more when reading with practitioners. When my whole mind is on the Fa, the mighty power of Dafa can eliminate all interference.

I don't even get sleepy now when I study the Fa alone and I'm able to concentrate and focus on reading.

However, I have noticed that some practitioners are sleepy when studying the Fa. It is because they do not focus on the Fa.

For example, they drink water while reading Dafa books, or they pay more attention to the actions of others while reading and get distracted by the tiniest sound.

When one concentrates on the Fa, one should hear but not listen to any sound; one should see but not notice any people moving around, as one's whole mind is on the Fa. Then one would not feel sleepy during Fa-study.