(Minghui.org) In China, efforts to sue Jiang Zemin (former head of the Chinese Communist regime) for launching the persecution of Falun Gong took off at the end of May 2015. Over 146,000 Falun Gong practitioners and their families have filed criminal complaints with the Supreme Procuratorate to date.

Our practitioners in Shandong realized that all Chinese people must hear about the efforts to sue Jiang, and to hear the truth about Falun Gong. Therefore, we distribute Falun Gong informational materials and Shen Yun show DVDs in villages and markets.

Many people already hold a positive attitude towards Falun Gong, but more information will help them understand the situation from different perspectives.

Shen Yun DVDs Popular

Some people ran after us when we handed out Shen Yun DVDs in local market. They didn't want to be left out and asked for DVDs for themselves. Some people wanted more than one copy so they could give a copy to their families and relatives. To eliminate any problems, I send righteous thoughts while my fellow practitioner distributed the Shen Yun DVDs.

We targeted construction sites in the evening, because the workers were gathered for their dinner and thus more accessible. They stood up and everyone asked for a copy of our Falun Gong materials. Someone asked what it was all about. One of the workers said that this was about suing Jiang before we could answer.

It is most important to form a broad social consensus when it comes to suing Jiang among the populace, so the persecution will end. Then, those who persecute practitioners will be the ones who are despised and there will be no place for those who are evil to hide.

Practitioners should distribute Falun Gong materials and post information about suing Jiang everywhere. Also, police must hear the facts about Falun Gong, because this may stop them from persecuting practitioners.

Police Awakens

Mr. Chen, an elderly practitioner, was putting up posters about suing Jiang close to midnight on July 20, 2015. He did not expect that police would be out that late. He was discovered by police after only putting up only three posters.

A few of the officers asked Mr. Chen who gave him the materials and he told them that they were left outside his front door.

They asked one question after another, which Mr. Chen answered truthfully. He said that he practiced Falun Gong for more than year and that he became healthy since he cultivated.

The police made a phone call and a large vehicle with more than a dozen policemen arrived. They told Mr. Chen practitioner to go home and that they would not arrest him because he was old. They did not take down the posters, either.