Validating the Fa at Work

I started practicing Falun Dafa towards the end of 1996. Ten years of cultivation practice have blessed me with a healthy body, happy mind, and a fulfilling life.

After I retired, I found a part-time job inspecting power lines. This entails riding my bicycle along stretches of road to inspect overhead power cables for faults.

The nature of my job gives me freedom to clarify the truth, distribute DVDs, send voice messages over the phone, and distribute flyers, while accomplishing my assigned duties. As my main objective is to assist Master in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, I have no qualms about my low wages.

Accident on the Bicycle

I was conducting my routine inspection on my bicycle on September 2, 2012. At a certain point, I encountered a long, steep slope and allowed the bicycle to gradually accelerate while gliding downhill. Midway through the slope, another bicycle appeared to my right and nearly ran into me. Alerted to the imminent danger, I opened my mouth to warn the cyclist. At that same moment, a motorbike appeared to my left and swerved into my front wheel, colliding with my bicycle.

I regained consciousness after a period of time. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in the middle of a group of strangers, surrounded by familiar looking buildings. I recognized the area as my routine inspection route and declared, “I'm fine, I’m alright.” The person who held me heaved a sigh of relief and commented, “You’re awake.”

I touched my face and realized that my hand was covered in blood. Peering about, I found my blood-soaked white hat alongside a large puddle of blood on the road. Only then did I realize that I had been involved in an accident.

I regained full consciousness by the time the ambulance arrived. The driver who hit my bicycle intended to send me to the hospital for treatment. However, I refused to go. The driver then asked me to call my family. I called my son and gave him a quick explanation. The driver of the motorbike then took my phone and gave my son the hospital address. Despite my protests, I was summarily carried into the ambulance and transported to the hospital.

Miracle at the Hospital

My son and I arrived at the hospital at the same time, and I was settled into a chair. Although my face was covered in blood and I required support to sit upright, I firmly told my son that I was fine and I wished to return home. My son replied, “Let me settle everything. You just need to rest quietly! I know you want to return home.”

My son consulted with the hospital staff, and they decided to conduct a CT scan to inspect my condition.

The hospital scanned my head and my upper body. Suddenly the doctor overseeing the process exclaimed in surprise, “There appears to be nothing wrong. I have never seen anything like this.” The motorcyclist who ran into me quickly asked, “Will he need to be hospitalized?” The doctor replied, “He is perfectly healthy. Why should he be admitted? He requires no medication or treatment. There are only six or seven minor cuts in his head, which are sure to disappear after a period of rest at home!"

At this, the motorcyclist took my hand and repeatedly tried to convince me of his family’s difficult financial situation. I knew that, as practitioners, we have a duty to validate the Fa. Hence I told him, “Do not worry. As a practitioner of Falun Dafa, I do not blame you for this accident.”

I was subsequently sent to a hospital that specialized in ear, nose, and throat for consultation. Although I only suffered minor head trauma, my nose bled profusely after the accident. After examination, the doctor diagnosed a fracture of the nose cartilage, which severed surface blood vessels, resulting in profuse bleeding. As I was able to breathe effortlessly, no extra treatment was required.

Quick Recovery

In the end, my son drove me home. Back home, I busied myself in doing well the three things, and my injuries quickly recovered. On the morning of the third day, while performing the standing exercises, I experienced a sudden force that seized my head and pulled it to the side. This pulling force carried on until some internal tension broke. Afterwards, my mind felt especially light. This situation occurred again two more times over the next few days. I knew this was a sign that Master was adjusting my body.

After resting at home for eight days, I went back to work as normal. Thank you, Master!