(Minghui.org) Five female Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested by officers from the Fuan City Domestic Security Division on August 12, 2015. Police also ransacked their homes.

The arrested practitioners were Ms. Xiao Liying, Ms. Guo Yihua, Ms. Pan Jinrong, Ms. Guo Ruizhu, and Ms. Zheng Tuanrong. Li Yuan. Officer Haung Rongsheng was in charge of the arrest, as ordered by the Fujian Province 610 Office. Officers from the Ningde City Domestic Security Division and 610 Office also participated.

This is not the first arrest and detention of Ms. Xiao and Ms. Guo Yihua.

Ms. Xiao, 55, was arrested and detained five times between 2001 and 2005. Officers from the Fuan City Domestic Security Division arrested her on March 29, 2005. She was sentenced to a one year of forced labor but was released on medical parole after about 70 days.

Ms. Guo Yihua, 66, was arrested and detained in a brainwashing center for 40 days in 2001. She was often harassed by officers from the Residential Administration Office until she retired from the Hanchengxue District No. 2 Central Primary School in Fuan City.

Perpetrators' contact information:Liu Shouming (刘守明), secretary of the Fuan City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13950566789, +86-593-6846789Li Yuan (李园), captain of the Fuan City Domestic Security Division: +86-13905037565, +86-593-6532216, +86-593-6386025Huang Rongsheng (黄荣生), deputy captain of the Fuan City Domestic Security Division:+86-18959305355, +86-593-6532215Chen Guobin (陈国斌), director of the Fuan City Police Department: +86-593-6532001, +86-13706026966Lin Zhikun (林志坤), director of the Ningde City Police Department: +86-15059291666, +86-593-2972001, +86-593-2972366