(Minghui.org) Since June, the issue of suing Jiang Zemin has occupied the headlines with extensive coverage on the Minghui website. Master told us to follow the attitude of Minghui on major issues, so we can tell how important it is to sue Jiang.

In our area, we shared and studied “Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference” and “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference,” so we would understand the importance of the issue. Through studying the Fa, we realized that it is of prime importance to file a criminal complaint against Jiang.

We wrote down our physical and mental changes after practicing Falun Gong and how we were persecuted. Other practitioners then helped us edit, sort, type, and print the completed indictments against Jiang. Every practitioner mailed out his or her own documents.

We should write and mail our own criminal complaints. It is not advisable to ask another practitioner to mail one's own complaint or to mail someone else's complaint. This is part of our cultivation. Yet some practitioners are enthusiastic and want to help others, and they believe that this is the right thing to do.

However, this may be a bad thing. This issue has been highlighted on Minghui, and practitioners should learn from others' lessons.

Cooperation Among Practitioners

We completed our complaints against Jiang in our area by the end of June. There were very few of us who had not mailed their complaints, and it was mostly for personal reasons. But these were mailed out in July.

Beginning in July, we helped practitioners in remote and rural areas prepare and mail their complaints against Jiang. Practitioners are one body; therefore, we should cooperate and improve as one body.

There are millions of practitioners in China, but only a fraction have filed criminal complaints against Jiang.

Although some of the complaints were not provided to Minghui for one reason or another, they are only a small fraction of the total complaints.

Pick Up Your Pen and Sue Jiang

To those practitioners who have not sued Jiang: As Falun Gong disciples, we should all pick up our pens and sue Jiang. It is part of our mission and also our responsibility. This is a good opportunity to help end the persecution and save more sentient beings.

As future enlightened beings and protectors of the universe, we should establish and maintain the righteous factors of the universe.

When suing Jiang, we can get rid of human notions and, most importantly, fear. Every practitioner who sued Jiang experienced fear. Fear is a major cause that prevents practitioners from becoming gods. Only if one gets rid of fear, can one Consummate and become a god.

Suing Jiang is also a great opportunity that Master gave his disciples to establish mighty virtue and complete our own worlds. It is a benefit for us, so we must not lose this opportunity.

Master's disciples, please let go of human notions and fear in suing Jiang.

This is our grand opportunity to lead the way to the end the persecution, and to welcome Shen Yun to China.