(Minghui.org) Police arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Yanmei who was reported for distributing flyers about Falun Gong at a bus station. Ms. Liu, from Beijing’s Shunyi District, is detained at the Nihe Detention Center in Shunyi.

Ms. Liu, a widow, lives with her daughter. She has been persecuted since 1999 when the Jiang Zemin Communist regime launched the persecution of Falun Gong.

She was detained, sentenced to forced labor and brainwashed. Her home was demolished while she was held in the labor camp. Her name was removed from the list of those eligible for housing. Her daughter kept a distance from her. The police harassed her frequently.

A police officer came to her home and tried to rape her because she was alone at home. She stopped him and he called a fellow officer to arrest her.

After harassing her at home, an officer stole a can of cooking oil from the kitchen.

We appeal to people around the world to help rescue Ms. Liu Yanmei by calling the police.

Participants in the persecution of Ms. Liu:Ma Lisheng (马力生): +86-1360125720Zhao Haishan (赵海山): +86-13716002150Du Yili (杜怡丽): +86-13911930305Li, Shunyi District 610 Office head: +86-15321225813Renhe Police Station: +86-10-69423472Shunyi Domestic Security Division: +8610-6942-4957Shunyi Police Law Enforcement Division: +86-10-6942-4072