(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 1

The practitioner in this article is of pure mind and recounts in the first part how she changed the environment in a labor camp. She treated all those around her, be they guards or inmates, with compassion and kindness.

Although there were occasions when Dafa was maligned, she overcame every situation with righteous thoughts and actions, and turned a bad situation into a better one.

Smart Move to Deactivate Anti-Dafa DVDInmates decided to play anti-Dafa DVDs to deflect from the disappearance of the 45 anti-Dafa books, as discussed in Part I.

A new practitioner was brought into the camp. She shouted “Falun Dafa is good” at all times and did not cooperate with the guards or inmates who persecuted her. She was a big pain for the team leader. I promised to talk to her and ask her to stop shouting during nap times.

The team leader did not believe that I would truly talk to her and asked that an inmate accompany me. I told the inmate that I would go into the room alone or the lady would be skeptical. At the time, this practitioner was handcuffed to a heater.

I opened the cupboard, scratched every DVD besmirching Dafa with a nail, closed the cupboard, and walked out of the cell. The practitioner was very touched and cried.

“I talked to her,” I said to the inmate. “She will stop shouting, so everyone can have a good nap.”

None of the DVDs would play any longer. They thought the player was out of order and not even one thought that the problem could be with the DVDs.

Stop Inmate's Bad Deeds

Another group of practitioners was detained. One was a school principal in her 60s. After the team leader and inmates were unable to “transform” her, they looked for ways to persecute her.

While inmates went to the yard for their morning drills, the team leader stopped this practitioner. Three inmates, who had tried to transform her, pulled her into a room and viciously beat her.

I had diarrhea and thus had stayed indoors at this time. I heard the noise and ran to the room. I kicked the door open and shouted for them to stop. They ignored me, so I picked up some clothes hangers near the door and slammed them on a table, which made a loud noise. They stopped. I broke a mop into two pieces, picked up one piece and dashed toward them. They ran out the room with their hands over their heads.

The team leader and the three inmates walked into the room after a while and she demanded to know why I beat them.

“Did I beat them?” I said. “No, they beat this woman who is in her 60s. If something had happened to her, who would be held responsible? If she died, all of you would face prison. I just threatened them and they ran off, but I didn't beat them.”

The team leader had to reprimand them and praise me.

“Team Leader,” I said jokingly, “I have done you a big favor. It is not enough for you to just praise me. You have to reward me and reduce my sentence.”

She reduced my sentence by two days and increased the sentence of each of the three inmates by two days because they beat the practitioner.

Fear Cultivated Away—Plot to Slander Dafa Fell Apart

The provincial department put together a group of people who had renounced and gone against Dafa. They went to labor camps and prisons to slander Dafa, praise the CCP, and tried to “transform” other practitioners.

One day I was called into the guard's office. She handed me a manuscript. “There is a scum among you practitioners,” she said. “I think she is a real traitor, not like those who pretend to have given up the practice. Can you please read through this and see if what she said is true.”

I flipped through the pages and said that this practitioner must have been intimidated into telling lies to get her sentence reduced. At the same time, however, I knew that I had to destroy this manuscript. I did not want anyone, including the guards, to commit a crime against Dafa.

The manuscript was in a cupboard inside the guard's office. I asked Master to help me so I could destroy it. I sent righteous thoughts and the inmate on duty inside the office went to the restroom. I allowed me to get the manuscript, so I went in and closed the door behind me on leaving.

People were in the room with the restroom all afternoon so I could not destroy it. Before the afternoon meeting, I taped the paper to my calf.

When the guards could not find the paper, they body-searched everyone. I got a bit scared but kept sending righteous thoughts to overcome my fear.

When they searched me, my leg trembled out of fear. But I remembered what Master said: “...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I calmed down. The guard searched me carefully but did not touch my calf. They searched all the cells next, but still could not find it.

I was asked if I had something to do with the disappearance of the manuscript. I told them that they had someone monitor me at all times, so they should ask them. Well, these inmates knew the facts about Dafa. They knew that I had good relationships with the guards. They did not watch me. Instead, they protected me.

The team leaders told some inmates to search me again. “If it is found,” the inmates told me, “my leader said that the torture will be so severe, it might lead to death.”

This only had the opposite result on me. My fear stopped as soon as I heard that, and I became clear headed. What was I afraid of with Master and Dafa beside me?

They searched me from top to bottom, but still did not touch the back of my calf.

The inmate who was told to watch the office did not dare to say anything about going to the toilet. She did not say that she had seen me. I had clarified the truth to her, and she knew that it was me, but kept quiet. I gave her several boiled eggs later, something that is very rare in that prison

One team leader suggested that the person should just give a speech without the manuscript. That person was foolish and did not know what to say without a manuscript.

The meeting was held as scheduled but nothing against Dafa was mentioned. It ended hastily, in fact. The plot to slander Dafa thus fell apart, and no one could figure out how the manuscript had disappeared.

I took a risk, but without Master's protection, I could not have gotten away with getting and destroying the manuscript. My purpose was to stop the slander of Dafa, and I did not think about what could happen to me if found out.

I was fearful from time to time, but I was able to overcome my fear when I truly believed in Master and Dafa. I cultivated away my fear in the process and eventually I had not fear at all.

I experienced the wonders of freedom with no attachments.

(to be continued)