(Minghui.org) Practitioners have been told and clearly understand the old forces arrangements and their interference. But why do some still follow their arrangements? I recently realized that this was because we use the same thinking process as the old forces and thus fall into their trap.

Changing Others and Not Oneself

The old forces are certain that they are not the ones with the problems and do not believe that the Fa-rectification should apply to them. They only want to use the Fa-rectification to change others and preserve what they want and even want to be in charge of the Fa-rectification. They think they are the best the cosmos has to offer and all other lives have to change or be destroyed.

Some practitioners always want to change others and not themselves. This type of practitioner will look outward and not inward, which is contrary to what Teacher wants of us.

But, they may not sense this themselves, because they use cultivation as a disguise for what they want. It is just as Teacher said:

“Righteous Gods of course wouldn't behave like the low-level, bad beings that recklessly do evil things. They of course all act in a good way. But that goodness is warped, and there are attachments behind the goodness. Also, precisely because of their good behavior, the obstacles they've created are the most effective at deceiving both themselves and others. If it weren't for Fa-rectification it really would be hard to break through those things.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference III)

If a cultivator does not look inward, he will be tricked by this false goodness. He feels good about himself, but he is not progressing. This is why many people appear very diligent in the eyes of others, yet they get into trouble later.

Critical of Others Instead of Forgiving

The old forces attempt to save themselves, but destroy those they think are not worthy. Yet, higher level lives look down upon them and want to destroy them as well. This is an endless cycle of the old forces to save themselves, but they are destroying themselves.

They think that Dafa disciples' individual cultivation is the most important. They watch closely our attachments and they will try to destroy us if we cannot meet their requirements. They will deny us any opportunity to correct our mistakes. It is opposite of what Teacher does. Teacher gives opportunity after opportunity to practitioners, so they can correct their problems.

With this type of mindset, some practitioners are very critical of others whenever they see their deficiencies. Rather than being sympathetic to those who face hardships in their cultivation and help them get rid of the interference, they continue to criticize or look down on them.

Some practitioners do well and think that others should be able to do the same. But, this is also an old forces' mindset. It is a manifestation of jealousy.

The cultivation environment that each person faces is different. There are factors that one cannot see, so it is difficult to compare. To compare with anything that only one can see is inaccurate.

Every cultivator exhibits attachments in his cultivation. One should not use one's own standard to judge and evaluate fellow practitioners. We should trust that he or she eventually will get rid off the attachments by studying the Fa, rather than look down on them.

Covering Up One's Attachments or Problems

Many practitioners, including myself, do not know how to cultivate solidly because we are interfered with by such thinking processes. We only pay attention to changes on the surface. We maintain the appearance of a diligent cultivator, while we unwittingly cover up our attachments.

We pay attention to things on the surface only, such as reading the number of Master's lectures, how often one does the exercises, or how many Dafa activities one does daily. However, to elevate, we need to fundamentally change from inside.

Practitioners reincarnate in the human world. With the moral standard declining, our thinking processes are corrupted. Chinese, in particular, have become adept in covering up their true selves. What is worse is that they don't even sense what they are doing.

Self-righteousness and Feeling Superior

The old forces think that they are great and in control of everything, including even the Fa-rectification. So they arranged practitioners' each and every thought.

Many practitioners felt that their capabilities are not properly developed. Once they show some accomplishments, or when they do better than others in some respect, they get carried away. The old forces will make sure that they are praised and push them toward breeding demons in their own minds, until they are destroyed.

Just as Teacher said:

“Those old forces, I can tell you, were the most outstanding beings at each level, and they have been destroyed. Those who were the most capable were destroyed as a result of the arrangement of that final old force. Its intention was to achieve what it wanted at the cost of destroying this portion.” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

As saved lives by Dafa and Teacher, we need to be humble, appreciative and improve constantly. We should get rid of our attachments to fame, interest and emotions.

Despite the fact that the old forces take every opportunity to interfere with us and cause us to make mistakes, we have Teacher and Dafa with us as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. As long as we have the Fa in our heart and listen to Teacher, we will be able to reject the old forces' arrangements and follow Teacher until we reach the final step.