(Minghui.org) While sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw what happened in another dimension when practitioners were ready to enter a post office to mail their criminal complaints.

In this dimension, a long line of practitioners stood outside a gate to the place where they could submit their lawsuit. Based on practitioners' thoughts, this gate changed constantly. For example, when a practitioner hesitated, the gate swayed to the left and right, making it difficult to enter.

As another practitioner walked up to the gate, it suddenly turned into a locked glass door. The practitioner wondered how to get through the glass without breaking it. I urged him to find a way, but he was at a loss and gave up.

As another practitioner approached the gate, it began to move up and down erratically. The practitioner was afraid of being hit. After waiting for a while he left.

Later, the gate changed into a turnstile (electronic gate). Some practitioners went into the turnstile, but came out where they had entered. They were totally clueless as to what happened and wondered what was going on.

Many practitioners went through the entry with no problem despite the door moving about. Some even went through a narrow gap right before the gate closed.

A pickup truck with many people also made it through without incident. I believe this was a testament to the power of group coordination.

My understanding regarding this vision is that if we hold a strong conviction to bring Jiang Zemin to justice—and motivate more practitioners to also file their own lawsuits—we could save more people, and the process will go as smoothly as our thoughts are righteous.