(Minghui.org) Since the great tide of filing criminal charges against Jiang Zemin began, practitioners in our area—having gone from observing to gradually removing their fear—joined the great tide one after another.

By July 10, over 260 practitioners in our area mailed their complaints against Jiang through our post offices. Some of them have been accepted by the Supreme People's Procuratorate. I would like to share two fellow practitioners' stories, which seemed to embody encouragement from our Esteemed Master.

Like Flying

After learning about filing charges against Jiang at the group Fa-study, an older practitioner felt it was time for her to act. “I also want to file charges against Jiang,” she thought. “For so many years, Jiang has destroyed my cultivation environment, and my family had to watch me constantly. I must file charges.”

She asked her coordinator about the guidelines and went home to write the complaint. Because she was nearly illiterate, she had her granddaughter write it out for her.

As soon as her granddaughter finished it, the grandmother took the letter to a fellow practitioner. “While walking here, I felt like I was leaving the ground,” she told the practitioner. “I feel my body was so light that I could fly—I still feel it now.” The practitioner told her, “Perhaps Master is strengthening you and encouraging you because your aspiration to file charges against Jiang is very good.”

Take the Lead

Another practitioner, a schoolteacher, read on Minghui.org that practitioners all over the country began filing charges against Jiang. He decided to file charges too, but he did not know where to start. He spoke to other practitioners only to find out they either preferred to observe a little longer before taking any action or they also wanted to file charges, but did not know what to do.

In early June, he thought, “I cannot wait any longer. I need to take the lead here.”

He then found a template to follow on Minghui.org and filed his charges against Jiang. He went to the post office in the afternoon and mailed it out. The Supreme Procuratorate accepted it the very next day.

According to Minghui statistics, by July 8, 2015, Minghui.org had received more than 60,000 copies of complaints against Jiang, while the actual number of people who have filed criminal charges against Jiang is much higher. For example, more than 260 people in our area have mailed out their complaints, but only a few dozen have been registered on Minghui.org, which is only a small fraction. Therefore, more are under way.

Why Wait?

So, to those who have not filed criminal charges against Jiang, what are you waiting for? The massive tide of suing Jiang created by Master is moving forward, and Master is constantly encouraging and calling on us.

Opportunities like this are not ample, and time is of the essence. Please cherish the opportunity, my fellow practitioners!