(Minghui.org) Post office personnel are increasingly helping Falun Dafa practitioners to file their lawsuits against Jiang Zemin.

Changing Attitudes

Two months ago when practitioners first started mailing lawsuits at the post offices in Heilongjiang Province, the postal employees were scared. They asked us to provide our personal information, and some refused to accept our packages before getting approval from their supervisors. Some even called the police to have us arrested.

The situation is now quite different.

Instead of blaming the postal workers for their attitudes, we took this opportunity to clarify the truth to them. One employee was shocked when she realized that we were suing Jiang Zemin. “No, I cannot do this,” she said. “I must ask my boss.”

When her boss did not respond, we continued telling her about Falun Dafa. She later told us that the matter had been reported to many levels in the government, but no one gave a clear decision. She became more open to what we had to say, and was eventually willing to mail our complaints.

When a practitioner went to another post office, the person behind the counter realized that the item was another lawsuit against Jiang, so she handed the practitioner the proper label, saying, “Here you are.”

Another practitioner arrived before lunch, and the postal worker was very encouraging. “Please hurry and complete the shipping label,” she said. “I will make sure your mail is sent before lunch.”

At the post office near my home, a number of practitioners come every day to mail their lawsuits without incident.

Postal Staff Actively Offer Help

Those who work in our city’s General Post Office are very friendly to practitioners who are mailing lawsuits against Jiang. “Tell the older practitioners to come to our post office,” they told one practitioner. “We can help them fill out the shipping label.”

My aunt and I went to the post office to mail our lawsuits on July 4, 2015. We were nervous at first, but we knew that doing this was our constitutional right and a good opportunity to clarify the facts to people.

We looked around while filling out the shipping label. People were going about their own business, and no one paid any attention to us. After I handed in my package, I began telling the clerk about the lawsuit against Jiang, and about the persecution. He listened intently.

After he took our mail, he said, “I hope you succeed.”