(Minghui.org) I was awakened by a call to my cell phone on the night of September 18, 2013. My brother shouted anxiously on the other end, “Xiao Kun is about to pass away! Please hurry and come to say goodbye.”

Xiao Kun, my sister-in-law, had advanced uremia, and was in the emergency room.

When I arrived at the hospital, Xiao Kun was lying in my brother's arms, her blood pressure dropping to nearly zero, eyes closed, and with almost no breathing.

I shouted to her, “Repeat after me: 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Ask Master Li Hongzhi to help you.”

Xiao Kun nodded and said in a weak voice, “Okay.” Forty minutes later, her breathing became smooth and she fell asleep.

The doctor checked her indexes. Her heartbeat and blood pressure had become normal. She had survived through the dangerous period. I told her daughter, “Tomorrow, you should ask your mother to constantly recite what I taught her. You should recite it, too.”

Xiao Kun was transferred to a larger hospital that specializes in kidney disease. The cost of treatment was 10 thousand yuan every day.

After five days, the doctors told her family that Xiao Kun was suffering multiple organ failure, including heart, liver, and kidney. “We cannot help anymore,” the doctor said. “We can treat diseases, but we cannot save a person who is about to die. She has no hope, even if divine beings come to help.”

The hospital sent Xiao Kun home. Her family found an empty room in a smaller hospital for her. No therapy was given. She just stayed there, waiting to die.

Another Falun Gong practitioner and I went to visit Xiao Kun. She had bad ascites due to liver failure. Blood was dripping from her eyes due to the impaired clotting mechanisms. Her lower abdomen was full of fluid, and a tube was implanted for drainage.

The other practitioner and I recited “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day to her for three days. We also played the audio recording of Master Li Hongzhi's lectures.

Three days later, the tube no longer had fluid draining from it. Her family panicked. Thinking the tube was blocked, the nurse implanted a new one. But still no fluid drained. Her family asked for an ultrasound and other examinations, and showed the results to the doctors at the larger hospital.

The doctors were surprised, “Her liver function has returned to normal. But the ascites is still there.”

Her daughter told me about the results on the phone. I said to her that I believed that the power of Dafa was turning things around. She agreed. She said to me with full confidence, “Aunt, I now have faith in Master Li and Dafa. I am fully relying on it.”

I subsequently went to visit Xiao Kun in the hospital every day, and told her and her friends about Falun Dafa. Day and night, her daughter played the audio recording of Master Li's lectures for her, along with music composed by Falun Dafa practitioners.

Two weeks later, Xiao Kun was able to eat something. She then began discharging a lot of foul substances, and the ascites went away. Her heart and liver were functioning normally, and her kidneys were improving. She was able to walk slowly, with canes. The sores on her legs dried up and fell off, and new, healthy flesh replaced the sores.

A few days later, she left the hospital and returned home.

While filing the paperwork on the last day, two of her doctors looked at each other, and asked, “What medicine did you give her?” The answers from both were the same. “Nothing!”

All her friends and relatives witnessed the miracle that happened to Xiao Kun, and they believed it was the power of Falun Dafa. Many people asked me to help them quit the Communist Party. The chief of the dialysis unit said to everyone, “This is truly a miracle.”

Xiao Kun was overjoyed and full of gratitude. “The doctors said that I was hopeless, even if divine beings came to help,” she explained. “But a divine being really came and rescued me.”