(Minghui.org) Eight Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested in the Honggu District of Lanzhou City on June 18 and 19, 2015. Two of them were released, while the other six remain in detention. Other practitioners in the area were reportedly harassed by police at around the same time.

Police Retaliation

The arrests and harassment appear to be in retaliation for practitioners hanging banners to celebrate May 13, the anniversary of the public introduction of Falun Dafa.

Practitioners in China often hang banners to bring attention to the persecution of Falun Dafa by the communist regime. Officials from the Gansu Province 610 Office and Lanzhou Domestic Security Division ordered the arrests and harassment of practitioners.

Mr. Dou Xiaoning was arrested and interrogated by officers from the Honggu District Police Department in Lanzhou on the night of June 18.

Seven other practitioners were arrested on the morning of June 19, and their homes were ransacked.

While the police searched Mr. Guan Longshan's home, they pushed Mr. Guan's father and nephew to the ground and handcuffed them. Mr. Guan and his sister Ms. Guan Longmei were arrested the same day.

Ms. Guan Longmei was released at around midday, and Mr. Yu was released the following day after his fingerprints were forcibly taken.

Mr. Guan was taken to the Honggu District Detention Center. The other five practitioners are held at the Jiuzhou No. 1 Detention Center. They are: Mr. Dou Xiaoning, Mr. Dou Qiuxin, Ms. Song Faying, Mr. Lu Dongxiang, and a practitioner named Bao.

Police Barricade Mr. Guan's Brother's Home

Police and officials from the neighborhood administration office attempted to break into the home of Mr. Guan's brother, Mr. Guan Longyan on June 21, 2015, but couldn't get in.

They then cut off the electricity and waited outside the house in shifts, rotating three times a day. Mr. Guan, his wife, and their second son could not get out of their home.

Three days later, Mr. Guan's father tried to visit them, but the police had barricaded the door. Mr. Guan's son called out “grandpa” through the fourth floor window. Their neighbors expressed anger at the harassment by police and got hold of the child's uncle, who helped to get the child out.

Mr. Guan Longyan and his wife are still without electricity. It has been a week. Anyone entering the house is interrogated and not allowed to take items into the building.