(Minghui.org) I've noticed that some Falun Dafa practitioners in our area have recently developed a strong attachment to their families, which means they now have less and less time to do the three things well.

I will share several examples of this to shed some light on the severe consequences our families might suffer because of this attachment.

Female Practitioner Told to Stay Home

A practitioner couple had been detained in a forced labor camp. Fearing that they might be detained again, the husband told his wife to stay at home and be safe, while he often goes out to talk to people about Falun Dafa.

However, the husband has since been involved in many car accidents. So far he has not been injured, and we local practitioners believe that Master has protected him every time.

At first we thought that the husband had some loopholes that the old forces were using. But I believe that the interference is a result of the wife staying at home.

The wife has a lot of predestined lives to save, too. Since her husband prevents her from going out to save sentient beings, those who can't be saved hate the husband and give him karma, which has resulted in his tribulations.

To Busy with My Grocery Store

After I was released from a labor camp, I helped my son make a living by opening a grocery store. I got very involved with the store and had little time left to do the three things.

Tribulations followed: I experienced severe symptoms of a heart attack, and my son was involved in several car accidents, knocking the bumper off repeatedly.

Overprotective Son

A female practitioner whose son is overly protective vehemently objected to her talking to people about Falun Dafa out in public and objected to practitioners contacting her.

When a practitioner from another city went to visit her, the son slapped her in the face, asked for her name and address, and threatened to hand her over to the local police.

Fortunately, the practitioner knew how to handle the situation, sent forth righteous thoughts, and left safely.

Devoting All of Our Time to Family

A practitioner who had been jailed for several years felt guilty not being able to take care of her family because of her imprisonment and wanted to make it up to her daughter after she was released.

She took great care of her daughter, from her pregnancy to the birth of her grand-daughter, and then devoted all of her time to looking after her aged mother, daughter, and granddaughter from then on.

Fearing her family might worry about her being persecuted again, she stopped communicating with most other practitioners. She was totally immersed in caring for them and did little of the three things that Dafa practitioners should do.

When her granddaughter was 16 months old, she still couldn't sit, crawl, or walk. A doctor suggested that the baby might have cerebral palsy.

I believe the old forces used her attachment to family to persecute her. We practitioners came to the human world to assist Master in Fa-rectification. If we don't follow Master's directions, we are no longer Dafa practitioners.

The old forces can easily find an excuse to prevent Master from helping this practitioner by saying, “She wants to take care of her family, so we are helping her by making it necessary for her to care for them for a lifetime.”


My understanding is that our family members' fear, worry, and care for our safety can become obstacles on our mission to save sentient beings. If we do not fulfill our vow to assist Master in Fa-rectification and fail in our promise to save predestined lives, either those sentient beings will be destroyed or the practitioners and their families will be destroyed by the old forces.

Some practitioners might be happy when their families appear to care a lot about their safety and be content that they have happy family lives.

I want to warn these practitioners that this is also a form of persecution. It is easy to see that the police and guards in detention facilities who behave viciously are preventing us from following Master and saving lives, but it is not so obvious when the old forces control our family members.

Some family members appear to be supportive to Dafa and really appear to love us. But the result is that some practitioners can't or don't have time to do the three things anymore.

If we are so attached to the family and forget about our missions as Dafa disciples, what does that mean for our families? Will the old forces destroy them, too?

Wake up, my fellow practitioners!

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly correct anything inappropriate.