(Minghui.org) Many Falun Gong practitioners are now exercising their legal right to sue Jiang Zemin for launching the persecution of Falun Gong and causing them great harm and tremendous suffering during the past 16 years. The momentum of this new wave of lawsuits against the former Chinese dictator is on the rise.

The Minghui website receives copies of criminal complaints against Jiang from many practitioners daily. In this report, we present a snapshot of some of the practitioners whose copies of lawsuits were received by Minghui on July 6, 2015.

These lawsuits are mailed to the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate, which are required to process all criminal complaints filed by citizens, as of a recent ruling by the Supreme People's Court.

Summary of the Four Lawsuits

Certified Public Accountant and business woman Ms. Wang Chunrong was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Her accounting firm was shut down by the Chinese Communist regime, resulting in a financial loss of approximately five million yuan.

Mr. Wang Chao, a department manager, was detained and sentenced to a total of five years and seven months. He asks that he and his family be awarded one million yuan for suffering and financial loss because of the persecution.

Ms. Wang Weizhen, retired teacher at Dalian Military Medical School, benefited greatly from practicing Falun Gong. She became healthy, but her ailments bothered her again because of repeated arrests and sentences by Chinese Communist officials.

Economic observer and newspaper editor Mr. Lu Shangchun is serving a three and a half years prison term for using paper currency with Falun Gong information written on it. His wife filed a complaint on his behalf.

Four Criminal Complaints Filed Because of Arrests, Imprisonment and Torture

Case 1: Ms. Wang Chunrong (王春荣)Profession: Board member of a large accounting firmHometown: Dalian City, Liaoning ProvinceDate filed: June 2015

Key Facts: Ms. Wang was arrested at work on January 12, 2002, and detained for six days. She was tortured during interrogation and deprived of sleep.

Ms. Wang was arrested on August 14, 2007, and her accounting firm was closed by the government. Officers ransacked her office and confiscated two company cars and office equipment.

About 20 employees were arrested and held at the police department for one night. They were interrogated and forced to provide information about Ms. Wang.

Ms. Wang was sentenced to three years at the Masanjia and Yaojia Labor Camps.

Current Circumstances: Ms. Wang now lives in the United States.

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Details of complaint in Chinese language

Case 2: Mr. Wang Chao (王超)

Profession: Department managerHometown: Guiyang City, Guizhou ProvinceDate filed: June 17, 2015

Key Facts: Mr. Wang was arrested in October 2002. His home was ransacked and his computer, Falun Gong books and materials, personal belongings and currency were confiscated.

He was held in the Beishan Detention Center for six months, where he was forced to perform manual labor, was tortured and also deprived of toilet and shower use.

Instead of being released, he was sentenced to five years in Hongzehu Prison. He was tortured, forced to undergo brainwashing and monitored around the clock. The guards also forced him to perform manual labor from 3 a.m. until midnight. His food consisted of stale rice, which is known to be toxic after it has gone bad.

After his release, he was immediately transferred to the Guiyang City Brainwashing Center, where he was held for more than a month. After he returned home officials and officers frequently harassed him.

Current Circumstances: Mr. Wang's belief in Falun Gong is linked to his identification card. He is monitored non-stop, no matter where he goes or what he does.

Details of complaint in Chinese language

Case 3: Ms. Wang Weizhen (王卫真)

Profession: Retired doctor and teacher at military medical schoolHometown: Shenyang City, Liaoning ProvinceDate filed: June 26, 2015

Key Facts: Ms. Wang was arrested six times, her home ransacked three times and sentenced to eight years in prison in December 2014.

She is still tortured, which caused her blood pressure to be extremely high and she experienced a relapse of her heart disease .

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Details of complaint in Chinese language

Case 4: Mr. Lu Shangchun (吕尚春)

Profession: Newspaper editorHometown: BeijingDate filed: July, 2015

Key Facts: Mr. Lu was arrested and detained in September 2014, for using paper currency which had information about the persecution of Falun Gong printed on it. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on February 13, 2015. He appealed, but the sentence was upheld.

Current Circumstances: Mr. Lu is still detained

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Details of complaint in Chinese language


In 1999, Jiang Zemin, as head of the Chinese Communist Party, overrode other Politburo standing committee members and launched the violent suppression of Falun Gong.

The persecution has led to the deaths of many Falun Gong practitioners in the past 16 years. More have been tortured for their belief and even killed for their organs. Jiang Zemin is directly responsible for the inception and continuation of the brutal persecution.

Under his personal direction, the Chinese Communist Party established an extralegal security organ, the “610 Office,” on June 10, 1999. The organization overrides police forces and the judicial system in carrying out Jiang's directive regarding Falun Gong: to ruin their reputations, cut off their financial resources, and destroy them physically.

Chinese law allows for citizens to be plaintiffs in criminal cases, and many practitioners are now exercising that right to file criminal complaints against the former dictator.