(Minghui.org) Ancient Chinese took their promises very seriously. Stories of gentlemen keeping their word regardless of the circumstances have been passed down in folklore and literature.

Below is a story recorded in the Dream Pool Essays, written by Shen Kuo in the Song Dynasty.

Liu Tingshi, a royal court official in ancient China, was born into a farmer's family. He was engaged to the daughter of his neighbor, but the wedding had been postponed because he prepared for the scholar's examination, which was important for his career.

Mr. Liu returned to his hometown as a royal court official. He learned that the neighbor had died and the daughter was blind from illness. Additionally, her family was in very poor financial condition.

Mr. Liu started preparing for the wedding, but the neighbor's family declined because of the woman's blindness. They didn't expect her to marry a high-ranking official.

Liu insisted and said, “I promised her father. How can I break my promise just because he has died and his daughter is now blind?” He married the woman.