(Minghui.org) May 7 to 17, 1993 will always be remembered by Dafa practitioners in Linqing City, Shandong Province. Our revered Master came to our city and taught us the precious, priceless Fa.

Master gave us a ladder to heaven and awakened us from hopeless delusion. He showed us the path to return to our true selves. Although more than 20 years have passed, Master's compassionate smile is still vivid in our memories.

When Master came to Linqing City on May 7, 1993, the local organizer had not prepared well and had not sold many tickets. When Master learned about the situation, he told the organizer that he would hold a public lecture that night. The word went out, and staff members put up posters all over. The news spread quickly throughout the city.

That night, Master held a public lecture in the conference room of a hotel. Some of the leaders from the Linqing City's Party Committee, People's Congress, the Labor Union, and the Association for Science and Technology attended. Later, some people with their third eye open said that they had seen a large statue of a Buddha sitting on the podium in the conference room. After the lecture, many people wanted to attend the upcoming classes. More than 230 registered.

Several people who had practiced different forms of qigong before had been looking for and knew some well-known qigong masters at that time, but always felt that they had not gotten the essence of it and did not improve much. After they attended Master's lecture, they said, “Who would have thought we would meet a true master so close to home?” They all participated and are still cultivating.

Before Master started his teaching session, accompanied by several local staff members, he visited several places in the suburbs of Linqing to cleanse their fields. He went to the Linqing Relic Pagoda, Xiema Pavilion, Daning Temple, the Mosque, etc. Master cleansed obstacles in other dimensions and created a good environment for the future of the city and the practitioners in Linqing. Master also visited Linqing Park and selected a location to be the group practice site.

During that time, Master visited the Labor Union and treated people who were ill. One day, a man who could not walk was carried by his family to the consultation room on the second floor. Master treated him and then said, “Just walk out of here.” He indeed walked down the stairs by himself.

A cross-eyed man had his eyes returned to normal. Many people who watched from outside found what was happening incredible.

A woman had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going to have surgery. She heard that Master would come to teach in Linqing, so she registered for the classes. After she attended the classes, her cancer disappeared, and she recovered. When she shared her experience in the class, she cried so hard that she was almost unable to speak.

Practitioners also improved their xinxing quickly. Several practitioners came to the class early every day. During the first few days, they sat in the first row and reserved several a few seats for their relatives and friends. On the third day, they still came early, but quietly sat in the back.

There was some interference. Once, when Master was teaching, loud noises came from the loudspeaker. Master cleaned them up at once, but it happened again. Master asked the staff to turn off the speaker and said to the audience, “We will not use the speaker for now. I will deal with this later. Can you hear me in the back?” After receiving an affirmative reply, Master continued.

In 1993 a wave of qigong movements started in China, and many different qigong classes were held in different areas. The fees were usually high, but only a few things were taught. Master's teaching in Linqing was quite the opposite. The fee was the lowest in the country, but he gave us participants so many precious and priceless things.

Master also donated 100 copies of the Falun Gong book during his teaching session and an expensive recorder for us to use to do the exercises together, as well as a Falun pennant for the local practitioners to use to promote Dafa in Linqing. Master demonstrated the kind of compassion and care that he expected from the practitioners in Linqing.

Master worked hard and often ate only a bowl of noodles as his meal. He always arrived to the class on time with a small piece of paper, which outlined what he would say. He talked for one or two hours at each session.

Master dressed in a dark blue suit, a white shirt, a tie, and a pair of black leather shoes. He looked like a young man in his early 20s, but in fact, he was over 40 at that time. He was kind, gentle, and humble, yet had an air of majesty.

When the session ended, the Linqing Association of Science and Technology gave Master a pennant on behalf of everyone. The golden characters on it said, “Living Buddha,” which was an expression of our admiration and gratitude!

Recalling the days when Master was in Linqing still moves us today. This is especially true now, after two decades of cultivation and experiencing the most evil persecution.

At the end of Fa-rectification, when the truth will manifest and the new era will begin, we will miss our revered master even more. We must continue to do the three things well, cultivate ourselves well, save more sentient beings, and fulfill our prehistoric mission.