(Minghui.org) Switzerland is a popular destination for Chinese tourists. At some of the Swiss tourist sites, Falun Dafa practitioners volunteer their time to help Chinese tourists understand the seriousness of the persecution of Falun Dafa which is currently being perpetrated nationwide in China.

“Let's Listen to the Other Side of the Story”

One Chinese tourist said, “I know Falun Dafa. I saw their parade in New York city on Falun Dafa Day (May 13 each year). It was magnificent! Falun Dafa is everywhere! Most people outside of China know about it.”

Some tourists seek out volunteers from the Falun Dafa group as soon as they get off the bus. Some then announce their intention to quit the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party) organizations, which often has a domino effect with groups of Chinese tourists all declaring their withdrawal from the Party.

The Quit-the CCP movement has brought to the international community a renewed vision of a world without communism. Chinese people decide to quit the CCP as an act of separating themselves from the murderous entity that is the communist party.

One man called out to the rest of his tour group saying, “Come here! Hurry! Let's hear what she has to say. Let's listen to the other side of the story. Let's not just listen to the one-sided story we're told by the Chinese media.” He seemed to influence the others. The rest of the tourists stood around the volunteer who told them the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Realizing that Falun Dafa is a peaceful practice that is being wrongfully persecuted, they all decided to disassociate themselves with the CCP by announcing their withdrawals.

Chinese Officials: “I Need to Understand the Content Before I Agree or Disagree”

Once, a group of Chinese tourists were happily chatting amongst themselves as they got off the bus. Among that group, only four accepted the flyers offered to them. The flyers made available at these tourist sites include information about what Falun Dafa is, the CCP's crimes, and why is Falun Dafa targeted by the CCP. Despite the propaganda spread in China that attempts to demonize Falun Dafa, one tourist accepted a flyer and said, “I need to understand the content myself before I agree or disagree.” The other tourists who dared not accept any flyers called him a “stubborn old man.”

The volunteer asked them if they were government officials. One of them replied, “That's right. We worked in the political field.” One of them then said, “You've been standing safely on the bank while we were treading deep in water.” Puzzled, the volunteer asked what he meant. One of the elderly men said, “What he meant to say was, we were both drowning and being scorched by fire. You are on the bank of happiness.” Meaning, one is only harming oneself by working for the CCP, as the whole regime is brimming with corruption and in-fighting.

The volunteer then said, “The great mountains and rivers in China have been heavily polluted because of the CCP's utter disregard for the environment. She said, “You have been in the political field for so long. You are clear on what the CCP is about. As such, you should make the choice to quit the CCP and not side with its wickedness.”

Three of them agreed to quit. Three others hesitated. The volunteer told them, “That's alright if you can't decide now. But don't disregard what I told you today. Read up on this some more. When you see a volunteer like me at your next stop, seize the opportunity to quit. I hope the very best for you and that you enjoy your retirement in health and happiness!” They all thanked the volunteer before parting ways.