(Minghui.org) Shen Yun Performing Arts held 23 performances of the new dance production, The Monkey King, in three Latin American countries: Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, from May 8 through June 14, 2015.

The stories retold through Shen Yun's original choreography and music scores captivated both the audience's eyes and souls. Being the first to experience this drama, many local theatergoers felt grateful and privileged to embark on this legendary adventure in their hometown.

Ambassadors: “Delicate” and “Comfortable”

Jose Luis Perez Sanchez Cerro (left), ambassador of Peru, and Alejandro Navas Ramos (right), ambassador of Colombia

“Fantastic,” said Jose Luis Perez Sanchez Cerro, ambassador of Peru. “I really enjoy the music... It actually transmits a feeling of peace and comfort.”

“I am impressed with this performance,” said Alejandro Navas Ramos, ambassador of Colombia, who attended the performance with Mr. Perez Sanchez Cerro. “Its presentation is very delicate. We could appreciate the subtlety of Chinese art. The dance, the movements they do are very precise.”

“All the music gives happiness to the soul,” he continued. “This is a spiritual music, soothing for the soul. We feel transported to ancient times, of thousands of years ago.”

Mr. Perez Sanchez Cerro was impressed by the underlying peaceful feeling that the show exhibited. “Even though this is a dynamic choreography because of the jumps and acrobatics, it transmits relaxation. Even the fights are harmonious. It transmits a comfortable feeling,” he said.

Congresswoman from Argentina: “So Touching at Moments”

Julia Perie, Congresswoman of Argentina

“Such a beautiful show. So touching at moments, and so visual. I really think it’s fantastic,” exclaimed Julia Perie, a congresswoman from Argentina.

“Wonderful. The colors are amazing. The Chinese dance is fantastic,” she said. “The way the characters are produced that make this part was very interesting, strong, nice.”

Ms. Perie shared her thoughts on Chinese culture after seeing the show. “It’s so attractive that it makes us be thinking all the time, investigating, and trying to know a bit more,” she added.

She described Shen Yun as, “...something very sensitive, something very wonderful, something fantastic, something you have to come and see.”

Artistic Director: “Really a Privilege”

Patricia Sabag, artistic director of the Contemporary Ballet of Tucumán Province

“Wonderful... It’s really a privilege to have a show of such brilliance in Tucumán,” said Patricia Sabag, artistic director of the Contemporary Ballet of Tucumán Province.

Ms. Sabag said she enjoyed “...all of it... in every aspect, from the costumes, the music, the lighting, the structure of the show itself.”

“Every time I see a show of this magnitude, I feel moved. I feel moved because Tucumán can experience it. People can experience it,” she shared.

Chairman of Culture Bureau: A Dream-Like Experience

Mauricio Guzmán, chairman of the Culture Bureau of Tucumán

According to Mauricio Guzmán, chairman of the Culture Bureau of Tucumán, this performance leaves one speechless.

“You want to pinch yourself to know if what you’re seeing is real or a dream,” Mr. Guzmán described.

City Councilor: Demonstrating “Basic Pillars for Humanity”

City Councilor Sandra Manzone

“Overall, it’s a fable with a very important moral message for us,” said City Councilor Sandra Manzone.

“When they talk about truth, benevolence, and forbearance, the three basic and fundamental pillars… [those] are the basic pillars for humanity,” she said.

Ms. Manzone also saw the importance of “the search for truth and the perseverance in spite of obstacles” in the performance.

Exhibiting Messages of Unity and Perseverance

Jose Ramos, chairman of the City Council’s Commission of Culture

“I’m very grateful that the Tucumán Province was chosen to bring a performance of this great magnitude,” said Jose Ramos, chairman of the City Council’s Commission of Culture.

He shared what he took away from the performance, “A message to continue, to go ahead. A message of unity.”

Journalist: “Captivated” and “Fascinated”

Hugo Correa, journalist and professional announcer for CNN

“I’m captivated by what I’m seeing. Delighted,” said Hugo Correa, journalist and professional announcer for CNN.

“It was the first poetic sight that reappeared in me, and it evoked a smile. I can assure you, the stress we live in in Buenos Aires, a big metropolis like this, it disappeared automatically. It’s incredible. I’m fascinated with the show,” he described.

He used the words “spiritual,” “poetic,” “profound,” and “mystic” to describe what he experienced. The show features “all these disciplines converging in a really fascinating genre,” he said.

A “Path Towards the Future”

Juan Rafael Cárdenas Gutiérrez (left), chairman of the board at the Medellín Cultural Association and the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, and María Patricia Marín Arango (right), director of Metropolitan Theater of Medellín

“The show itself is a great harmony among music, dance, choreography, [and] animation. For us, it’s something very special,” said Juan Rafael Cárdenas Gutiérrez, chairman of the board at the Medellín Cultural Association and the Metropolitan Theater of Medellín.

María Patricia Marín Arango, director of Metropolitan Theater of Medellín, described the performance as one “with a very high artistic level, of great quality, of artistic mastery.”

Maria praised “all [the] magic, all the effects, everything that touches you when you are sitting in your seat at the theater.”

“It has values and a beautiful background that this world needs so much right now,” she said. “It’s something that really leaves a mark in our hearts, that teaches us a lesson.”

Speaking of traditional Chinese values, Mr. Cárdenas Gutiérrez said he believes that Shen Yun demonstrates a “path toward the future.”