(Minghui.org) We have read many articles on the Minghui website about technically-skilled practitioners passing away because they had been relied on too heavily and did not have enough time for cultivation. It happened in our area recently.

Taking Advantage of a Fellow Practitioner

Mr. Lao Da (pseudonym) was a practitioner in our area. He had little education, but he was a technical expert when it came to installing PC system, fixing printers, producing and distributing informational materials, purchasing materials and equipment, and much more. He contributed a great deal when many practitioners with technical educations were arrested.

There were only a few practitioners who were experts in technical issues in our city. Mr. Lao always showed up and not once refused to help when technical expertise was required. His efforts, patience, and strong sense of responsibility earned him a great deal of respect among local practitioners. Many of them, however, relied on him too much.

Many senior practitioners in our city are technical illiterates. They could have asked their children or grandchildren to help with buying things such as CDs and DVDs, but they always called on Mr. Lao. He never refused to help.

At the beginning of this year, he traveled to the homes of more than 60 practitioners to help install Windows 8.1 and deliver discs, all within the space of three weeks. One day he ran back and forth between seven homes.

Some of these practitioners put Mr. Lao under a great deal of pressure and told him to hurry up, so he had no time to eat or even to use the bathroom. They refused to consider anything beyond their own needs and did not understand that he might need more time for certain jobs and that he also had to cultivate.

No Time to Study the Fa

As a veteran practitioner, he knew the importance of studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, but he had no time.

Without being reinforced by the Fa, his body weakened and he often said that he was tired.

When his family members left the house for 30 minutes on April 23, he passed away. When they returned home he was already gone, but his expression was peaceful.

The loss to his family and fellow practitioners was beyond words, but the loss to himself was beyond “irrevocable.” The Fa-rectification is not over yet.

Practitioners should reflect on their actions and not take advantage of the good-heartedness of a fellow practitioner. We all need to slow down and tend to our own cultivation.